Work Song

It’s crazy how music makes you feel. I popped in my Hozier CD this morning. Yes, I still listen to CD’s. Old school, I know. I haven’t listened to it since I moved from Bemidji and I bought it when I lived in Bemidji. Talk about nostalgia.

I seriously didn’t think I was there long enough to even miss it but when I listen to Hoizer all I feel and see is the scenery of Bemidji. I spent hours and hours just driving around the country surrounding Bemidji to get a glimpse of water or to go up and down the rolling hills and seeing the trees so close to the roads. It was magnificent.

I miss that, I really do. It’s a good feeling of nostalgia though. I liked Bemidji as a geographical area but that’s kind of it. Everything surrounding was beautiful but I just couldn’t see myself putting stakes into the ground there. But, whenever I listen to Hozier, I’ll always think of you, Bemidji.

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