She’s Here!!

Em-cation has officially began! My brother and his fiancé (+family) are on their way to Texas for an Air Force graduation and guess who they asked to watch the coolest little girl in the whole world? Yep, me!

Every time I see Emma for the first time, she gives me the biggest full-of-joy smiles I’ve ever seen. I love that she is the definition of happy. I hope this quality follows her throughout her whole life forever and always.

Today was a chill day. I wasn’t sure when they’d be here and I didn’t want to jump into running around town in case she needed to get used to her new surroundings. So, we spent the day reading books and giving lots of love and kisses to her cat-cousin Bodhi. Uncle Nick came to visit us after work too, which was pretty cool! I hope we’ll get to see him more while she’s here.

I did find out that this super sweet little lady isn’t a fan of sweet potato fries. What gives, girl? She’s also a super duper help when it comes to laundry! Can I keep her?

The night ended in a splash-filled bath time, auntie braiding Em’s hair and a couple of Mother Goose rhymes before bedtime. What a wonderful day! I’m so excited to spend this week with her. ❤

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