Aunties and Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!

Em and I hit up Storytime at the Libarary today; toddler edition. They were kind of weird there. I guess just showing up isn’t cool. It was a 10-week thing for regulars. Oh, well. We hung around the libary a little longer to check out some books and sit in the reading nook. I’m so happy to see that the love of books and stories followed through to Emma.

We also ran a few Auntie Ori errands. I had to switch my license over and apply for a passport (stay tuned for that adventure!). Hauling a well-behaved two-year-old around isn’t easy. So major props to all the mammas and dads out there there lug around anything and everything more. Welp!

After naptime, we crossed the border (the MN/ND border) to go visit (Great) Uncle Troy. That little nugget loved it there. Unc hurried home after work to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for us and brought out feathers and sparkly dresses to boot. Our cousin Abel even had some pretty cool hotwheels to play with. Em met her fish-cousin, Harold and dog-cousin, Gus. I think Gus may be bidding for best friend material over Bodhi rn. Aunties Kim and Amber also were there to visit us and so were almost all of our cousins.

Today was filled with so much laughter and little girl giggles. We even got to call mom and dad in Texas and Grandpa and Grandma in Viking. Auntie life is definitely the best life.




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