Friday The 13th

For a superstitious-y day, it was anything but that. We slept in a bit today [finally!] and watched a few Boss Baby episodes. That appears the be the one show you cannot get enough of. Screw princesses and Nemo.. you are going to head up your own corporation one day!

Our day was filled with goodies and lots of fun. We made chocolate chip cookies. Auntie may have mixed the dry ingredients together and let you stir some of the wet because I wasn’t quite sure how much cookie dust would get all over. Maybe when you’re 4 you can do the whole recipe with me? Your absolute favorite part was dumping in (and eating) the chocolate chips. We used regular AND mini morsels for extra chocolate-y goodness. Your sweet tooth might be as big as mine! We took big spoon scoops, plopped them onto the pan and watched them bake in the oven. ‘Twas a treat to watch and eat!

After cookie and nap-time, we hit up Clay Your Way. I’m so glad we came today and didn’t go over the weekend. I’d only been once before and it was crowded. Today, it was just us and one other table. We walked around and looked at all of the white pottery pieces. Cups and bowls and fishies and toads. You picked out a kitty cat, good choice girly! And I picked out a geometric looking cup. Next, we had to pick out the paint! Auntie picked greens and blues and so did you! Great minds think alike.


The most fun part was painting the pottery we picked out, of course. You had so much fun. You thought it was hilarious that the kitty had a hole in the bottom of it (it’s butt) and you painted with more paintbrushes than you had fingers and toes! I’ll be picking up your kitty and my cup in a week or so. I’m so excited to see how they turned out and show you!

Once we left the pottery place, your Great Auntie Krissy had us over for pizza at her house. Our cousin, or as you later referred to him as Uncle Rett (Garrett), was there too and a bit later after that Uncle Bryan let you plop pillows and blankets on him. You helped Krissy put away the silverware and she pulled out some books for you to read. She even gave you a present! The cutest stuffed animal sheep and another pair of sweet shades.

We Facetimed Grandpa Kevin today while we were at Krissy’s. He was getting ready to bring your Grandma out for supper to get pizza (just like we had for dinner!) Your Mom, Dad, Auntie Miranda and Grandpa and Grandma Facetimed us too all the way from Texas. What a loved little girl you are!


Today was a blast kiddo! ❤

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