No Sleep ‘Til Naptime!

If you thought yesterday was fun, WOAH was today a blast! We woke up bright and early today and got our jumping jeans on to meet your Auntie Katie and her nephew Jordan at Skyzone for Toddler Time. Uncle Nick came after a bit too and so did his friend Mike. You love love loved the trampoline park. The floor was made out of all trampolines and so were the walls if you can believe it! You quickly became comfortable with your surroundings and were bouncing around the entire gym.

We did go to the foam pit briefly but I guess only 1 kiddo can go into that at a time and adults can’t (during this time) so the 1 time you did jump in, it was a feat to get you to come out! I can’t wait to bring you again! Toddler Time was a little over an hour and that was probably the perfect amount of time. By the time we were done, you were wiped, cheeks flushed and a little more snuggly than I expected you would be. Poor Uncle Nick wanted to give you lots of hugs and love but you weren’t cool with that right away.


After a little downtime at one of the tables, we decided to go to Storytime at Barnes & Noble. The story-teller read 3 Pig the Pug books. You were more interested in showing a little boy your age the My Little Pony book you found. I don’t think his mom was too impressed with the distraction but oh well. :) 

All of us (Uncle Nick, Auntie Katie, and your new friends Jordan & Mike) went to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries for lunch. Jordan wanted to eat a hot dog for lunch. You and him probably could have split a dog. He only ate part of his bun and you only part of your hot dog, lol.


We went to visit at Uncle Nicks house after to see his 3 kitties and then bought a few groceries. We ran out of milk and juice this morning and those seem to be your two favorite things. #liquiddietkid

The day wasn’t over after that! We went back to visit your dog-cousin Gus at Uncle Troys house tonight. Our grandma (your great-grandma) Rita is down visiting and she wanted to see you in all your cuteness! You also got to meet your newest baby twin cousins, Legend and Livingston. All of your other aunts and uncles and cousins [Oh, My!] were there too from the other day. You love it at Uncle Troys and so do I. His house always has been the most fun growing up with so many dress up things and laughter all around. :)


Time for this auntie to get to bed. Sweet dreams, Emma May.

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