Lazy Sunday

Today has been a chill day. I thought about us going to the Zoo or Yunker Farm but I think after the last couple of busy days, we deserved a snuggle-time and TV day. And that’s what we’ve done. Uncle Nick and Auntie Katie stopped by for about an hour to visit you some more too which was really sweet to see. I think Nick said he’ll swing over after work tomorrow too before you head home.

You’re watching Boss Baby season 1 for the 3rd time this week as I type this. Tonight is bath-time (which you love!) and I’m going to finish folding your clothes. Mom and Dad are coming to bring you back home tomorrow sometime. I can’t believe our Auntie+Em Vacation is almost over. 😥

I think Bodhi boy is going to miss you to pieces too. He’s always a little shy when new people come around but he’s grown so fond of you this week. He loves your hugs and snuggles and he watches over you when you sleep. Your own little fur-guardian angel!


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