She don’t see her perfect, she don’t understand she’s worth it.

He tells me that I’m beautiful and that I’m pretty. That I make him smile and laugh and give him all the tinglies. He tells me that I’m amazing and kind, wonderful even.

So, why does it seem so unbelievable? Only princesses in fairytales are given that kind of admiration. Only in movies and in my favorite novels would feel goods like that be said. Anyone who says they don’t like compliments is a liar, myself included. Hearing.. or reading those types of messages wakes up the butterflies in my tummy that I didn’t know were there; it makes my heart glow and fill with warmth.

But it also hurts.

Until you, the only people that have ever said those types of affirmations to me would be my family. Those that have to because that’s how families function. Sort of like telling your best friend she still looks like a firecracker the morning after she rolled in from some dudes house, mascara smeared and hair unbrushed. A white lie with the best of intentions.

So when you say those things unprompted and unexpected, I don’t know what to think. Or how to react. A simple “thank you” or “awww, shucks” could do the trick but this is one of those things that I can’t brush off. You’ll say it again and again until I believe it. Because you think that one day I will.

But what if I don’t and what if I won’t? If I pretend you don’t say things that make me feel whole, maybe it won’t hurt so badly when you get sick of me.

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