Day 4: A bond between cousins.

This one will likely be short. But sometimes I find myself in the middle of a long story long situation so who really knows..

I made my way back down the shore last night, settling back in Duluth where it all began. I stayed at a different hotel tonight. It was right within the harbor. A great place to be especially for those exploring.

I slept in as long as my body would let me which was approximately 10:40. Good thing too because checkout was at 11:00. My body is sore. A pale, redheaded woman from northern MN where the sun doesn’t always shine took a beating from the yellow dude in the sky yesterday. The woman is me. (Why did that sound more clever in my head then when I re-read it just now?)

I lathered myself up in Bath & Body Works finest and made my way across the state, heading west. I did make a pit stop though, in Moose Lake State Park. This is where I initially intended on hanging out for the week with my aunt and her family pre-mini-mental-breakdown. We checked out the Agate and Geological Center. It’s in the same building you’d go into if you needed to get yourself a permit.

After that, we went back to their campsite and visited for a bit. I’m losing track of time so I’d maybe say I stayed an hour or so. My cousin has two little ones; twins. They are as cute as buttons could be if buttons were actually cute. How did that cliché come about anyway?

My oldest cousin needed a ride back to Fargo so she hitched a ride with me; it was just the two of us. She’s 22, I’m 29. There was quite the gap there when we were were kids. Now that we’re both adults, it’s interesting to see how my cousin-ship’s are beginning to actually form. I think both of us were nervous about how we’d fill up four and a half hours of driving time. Honestly, we hadn’t been in each others presence for more than an hour at a time over probably a decade span. But, we talked about all the things. We talked about her kids and the family I wish I had. We talked about the dudes in her life and the dudes that passed through mine. We talked about our struggles whether it be mental illness, finances, or relationships with family members. It was good and we connected on a level that I don’t quite know how to put in to words.

She’s had a tough go at life, especially recently. And I just want to hug the pain she’s endured out of her so she can be okay and be happy. She’ll get there, but it’ll take a lot of work and a lot of time.

I arrived home around dinner time and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my sweet kittens; Bodhi and Agnes.

Life is good.

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