Day 5+6+7: Backyard fireworks and chill.

Happy belated birthday, ‘Merica! Ugh, I hate myself for just saying that. I cringe whenever I see that slang. Not because I’m super patriotic but because it’s annoying and now, by default, I’m annoying. Great.

Today’s post will be shortish because I’ve actually been home now for a few days so my “adventures” are more locally sourced and have been filled with family and the love they exude.

Thursday was the fourth of July, if you didn’t gather that in ‘graph one. I bought a hot dog from a food stand because I don’t think you’re really embracing your birth right if you don’t celebrate by indulging in an American staple. Right?

My brother, Nick, and his now-fiance (newly engaged cuties!) invited me over for some backyard fireworks and cocktails with my cousins at some random persons house. One of my cousins is house-sitting thus the randomness. The bottle rockets and air troopers didn’t last too long but they were fun to watch. They’d been there a bit longer than me but we ended up heading out to catch some real magic in the sky at MSUM in Moorhead.

A very interestingly assembled band called Post Traumatic Funk serenaded the crowd of people on the bleachers facing the football field until dusk. The place was packed and it was my first time celebrating the 4th there. My best memories during this holiday fall in a little place up north called Warroad. It’ll always be nostalgic for me but I can see this presentation becoming a new tradition. The ‘works were beautiful tonight. 🙌

Friday, Katie and I went to get our nails done for the first time. I have had them done in the past, circa prom 2008 and square tips, but we’re sophisticated women now and I love them! I need to check out my budget but I hope this can become a regular thing. I feel so much more feminine with my nails done and shaped nicely. Goodbye pudge sausage fingers, hello cute lady nails!

Today, my youngest brother, Logan, his daughter (my best friend and niece), Emma, and my mom came to visit. We played at the park, grabbed lunch, and visited Nick. ‘Twas a beautiful day and the perfect way to “end” a vacation.

I’ll share more sap and love in my WIL post tomorrow.