Day 5: The South Coast.

Today’s post is going to be a little different. I’m going to directly transcribe my scribbles without fashioning them into comprehensible paragraphs. I don’t think I’ll regret it but also, they might not make sense. 🙂

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall: Waterfall is inside a glacier (whaaa!). Got soaked walking behind the waterfall but holy shit, worth it. Waterfalls are life, ya’ll.

Skogar Museum: Cool huts and I found a mini-hut village after exploring. Giant boat inside, loads of Icelandic artifacts. Took videos of the inside because ’twas fascinating to see how people actually lived and.. were they super tiny? One family would have a handful of small huts because it was easier to heat the small spaces than one large space.

Reynisfjara Beach/The Black Sand Beach: Game of Thrones reference, I really should figure out how to watch this show. First Ireland, now Iceland? Basalt caves; wicked current and waves. Lots of danger signs. Were advised to stay away from the water because our girl G said it’s dangerous AF. 10-4.

Skogafoss Waterfall: 2nd waterfall of the day! Saw a full rainbow over the glacier AND it was 11:11 at the same time; made the biggest of wishes. Folklore about 1st settler had taken all his gold and threw it into the waterfall. Peeps tried to find it but only go the handle.. the handle was a on church for along time but now resides in the Skogar museum.

Reykjavik Kitchen: Goodbye dinner cue waterworks. We had lamb Carpaccio (omg gross but I tried it) and pan fried cod on a bed of potatoes with delish sauce (all the yums). Dessert; chocolate brownie and vanilla bean ice cream (omg blueberry sauce is so good!).

Other scribbles from my journal today, in no particular order:

  • G made us “Marriage Cake” which was delish. I think it had some type of rhubarb in it? She also had us try this super duper smelly fish jerky and chocolate licorice candy. I think I found the souvenir to bring back home to everyone!
  • Outlet glacier nicknamed Solo; most glaciers are in the south because of the amount of precipitation; 4 glaciers in Iceland. Oldest part of Solo is from 1100 ad. Multan (sp?): water drills it into a glacier; outlet glacier pushed out under the weight of the main glacier
  • Tonight, The Northern Lights.

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