Day 6: Eég mun sakna þín svo mikið.

The title of this post translates to “I will miss you so much” thank you and brought to you by Google Translate.

Today I leave Iceland and I can already see the teardrops on my guitar. Or ukulele, I should say.  We got back very late from hunting for the dancing lights in the sky. I have no idea the time but I would guess 1:30 a.m. (or so). I had intended on waking up at a semi-decent time to at least get breakfast but I missed my alarm completely and woke up around 9:45 a.m. It was too late to get dressed and grab breakfast so I decided to just relax and enjoy the last moments of quiet in Iceland.

I stayed in bed until around 10:30 a.m., took my last long hot Icelandic shower. Water is their number one resource here and they have more than enough to go around so I took full advantage of it. I packed my bags after getting ready for the day and watched out the window for a little while. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but my view is of the Atlantic Ocean and Mount Esja, a volcanic mountain range just north of the city. Watching out the window from my hotel was so peaceful and the perfect way to soak in and reflect on this adventure.

I brought my things down to the lobby around noon to check out and visit with my fellow travelers one last time before we all got on the bus to head out. For the third or fourth time this week, I could feel my eyes filling with happy tears once again. I didn’t expect to meet people on this trip; it hadn’t even occurred to me that I would. Hugging everyone goodbye at the airport was bittersweet. I was sad to be saying goodbye, not knowing if I’d see anyone ever again but full of glee to have met so many like-minded people.

In the airport, I filled up my water bottle one last time with the precious and absolutely delicious Icelandic water. I may need to ship some to my home, I’m not even kidding. I don’t care how Real Housewives that makes me sound, you have to taste it to understand.

On the six and a half hour plane ride home, I forced myself to stay awake so I could beat jet lag. Time will tell if I succeeded. I started watching Outlander after being encouraged to watch it for some time by a friend of my moms. Ya girl is on episode 6 and I have a feeling it will overtake my entire weekend back home.

I can’t believe I’m almost already home.

Oh! I flew over Greenland! Unless or until I visit Iceland again, I don’t know that I’ll ever see Greenland in my life so I had to snap some photos. Stunning and completely untouched!

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