Day 6: All the suns; screens, rays, and sets.

It’s Thursday and our last full day along latitude 21. I don’t expect I’ll have much to show as we decided to take an alternative route to the itinerary.

I originally had us tentatively down to enjoy the hop on/hop off trolley one last day; perhaps hitting up Pearl Harbor and making another stop at Hanauma Bay. But, we opted for a day filled with sunscreen and rays close by instead.

I know Pearl Harbor came highly recommended, almost to a sickening degree (sorry!), but it was one of the things I was least interested in visiting so I’m not going to lose sleep over it. The trolley system got old quick and it really is a time-suck when your time on vacation is limited.

With that being said, we indulged in breakfast at the Longboard Club, a perk of our resort, and then made our way to the Swell Pool and Lounge that is ‘Alohani. What a sight. I took a few photos but the area is so vast, it simply cannot be captured in a Galaxy S10+ shot.

Post a chilly dip in the saltwater infinity pool and a couple of chapters in the book I’m reading, my mom and I headed to the beach to dip our toes one last time in the Hawaiian sands before heading home tomorrow.

And what better way to end a once in a lifetime vacation in the Aloha State than watching the sun set on a catamaran surrounded by nothing but the sails and waves. I gave my parents some space on this last full evening here and spent some time reflecting on my own while we sailed away from the shore into the Pacific. The music the captain played was sad but I’m sure they meant for it to be romantic. It gave me a sense of how much more lonely I feel when surrounded by people but I did my best not to let myself stay in that funk/mindset.

And here is today’s funny:
Dad: Have you tried the buffet yet?
Mom: The buffet?
Dad: In the bathroom. The pa-tay.
Mom: The bidet? No, I think it’s weird.
Dad: I haven’t tried it either.

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