Day 4: Going to the Sun Road.

Its 7:30 pm. I left my rustic little cabin over 14 hours ago to head east on Going to the Sun Road. Many a miles were hiked today and I may be suffering from a minor heat stroke so this is a short journal entry but filled to the brim with the most wonderful of views.

Wild Goose Island: A birds eye view of Wild Goose Island and Saint Mary Lake gave me all the feels. I sat here at the top of this landing for awhile just to listen to everything around me. Not many people were stopped here so it was a perfect opportunity to be in nature, alone. All I wanted to do was nose-dive into the water to see what was up on WGI. Next time!

Fireweed Forest: It’s hard to imagine this incredible area was engulfed in flames just a few years ago. While the impact of the burn is still clear, fireweed flowers flourish everywhere you look. Life after death is so hard not to believe in when walking through this. God is so good.

Going to the Sun Road: The amount of pull-offs, sites, and things to see today were immeasurable. I’m so tired that I don’t even recall the names of everywhere I stopped at and my photos far exceed the few that I’ll post here. I’ve come to find peace in traveling alone but this adventure is one that would have been just incredible to witness with another soul.

St. Mary Falls: SMF was worth every single step of the 4.2 mile RT hike from Sun Point. That might not seem like much but it was my furthest solo hike and the climb back up was brutal but I met so many fellow adventurers along the way! If I would have died climbing back up to the top, I would have died so happy. Such an unreal experience to see this place in real life!

Goodnight from the Montana mountains. 💙

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