Day 6: Admiring God’s handiwork.

As I write this in my travel notebook that I’ll later transcribe, I’m soaking my feet in Lake McDonald a ways down from the noise. Kids and parents alike are skipping rocks in the distance giving the water the pretties of dimples. Life is good in this moment.

Tomorrow I’m heading back home and am already pre-emptively missing the view and the feels terribly. It’s wild how quickly we adapt to our surroundings.

This week, I’ve felt so alive and so small in the world, admiring God’s handiwork. I’ve felt like I could take on anything; I’ve made lists of lists of dreams and goals. I’ve read and spent more time outside than inside. I’ve felt refreshed and keep thinking that maybe I’m beginning to understand what inner peace felt like, though, I do think it’ll be a lifelong search.

I hope one day I won’t have to take a “vacation” from life like this one. I hope my wandering spirit can be found all along this earth in a repurposed VW van or school bus or something cool like that surrounding myself with people who feel like sunshine under starlit skies making wishes and roasting marshmallows.

Dream big, dudes. Pray or manifest or meditate or call Bill Gates. Whatever you gotta do to make your dreams happen, do it.

P.S. Here is a photo dump of today’s relaxing vibes. ✌

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