Days 1-3: #UngluedCamp

FUCK! It’s now 8ish hours post camp and I seriously don’t know how else to continue this post without using all the swears every fourth fucking word because Unglued Summer Camp was so FRICKIN’ SICK, MAN. Literally nothing I say will even come close to describe the level of badass-ary that went TF on the last couple of days.

Okay, that was aggressive.

This was my second year at UGSC and as I so fondly remember, it didn’t disappoint. The moon and star glitter still left in my hair from the dance party of a century are welcomed guests as I type this, listening to the sound of the laundry going in the background. My poor washing machine; the amount of sand in that sucker could probably build a cute little castle.

I was #blessed by two of the best this time around at the good ol’ YMCA Camp Cormorant. As a first timer, I attended ridin’ solo but this time, two of my co-workers turned friends joined, April and Josie. And DANG, boys and girls. did we belt our hearts out to our boy Garth at campfire karaoke last night! And while we’re on the subject.. how many times can you say you’ve felt like you were at a concert WHILE singing karaoke? None for me, until yesterday. Everyone went so damn hard and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who could barely speak this morning.

I really can’t pick a single favorite moment from the weekend and no matter how much I continue to ramble on, you won’t quite get the feel for all the insane wonderment that is Unglued Summer Camp unless you get your fine little asses there yourselves and attend one in the future because #yolo (and we always listen to Drake, right?). BUT anyway.. I did want to highlight my tippity top 4 treasured snapshots that’ll always hold a place in my memory bank of #feelgoodz.

  • 7:00 AM Dip: A 54 degree air temp ain’t got nothing on camp! It might have taken a little coaxing to go full blast but a few of us opted for the early morning swim fitness option (aka, we just floated). I don’t know if it was because the water was literally so cool or if our suit of arms was a body full of goosebumps, but it was a pretty badass feat.
  • Wine Theory and a Pontoon: You read that right. While pontooning on the beaute that is Big Cormorant, we were graced with the presence of a wine sommelier and it was so dope. The weather was ideal, the company was on point, and the wine was.. interesting. I know zilch about wine but we learned so much and based on how we rated the 5 wines we tried, Mr. Wine Dude provided us each with a personalized list of wines tailored to our palates. I’m so looking forward to making #winewednesday a thing!
  • All The Crafts: ‘Nuff said, really. There were SO MANY workshops to choose from that no matter your skill level, interest, or lack thereof, there was still something for everyone. And now I want to go and buy all the the things to be a wood burning, screen printing, cross-stitch making, plant propagating, leather can-coozie connoisseur. Weirder things have happened.
  • The Fricking People: For reals, dog. The people. From the Unglued Crew that make magic happen every single second of the weekend to the new faces I’d never seen and old faces I’d missed. Every person there was happy to be there and honestly so thrilled to have made it this far. Not only to camp in general but through all the shit of the last 18 months. Drama and politics aside, wherever you sit, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, people coming together to just live in the moment, be at summer camp, and love the life and opportunities we have, unashamedly be ourselves in a judgement free, you be you, girl kind of atmosphere.. it is just so dang nice. Minnesota nice. I wish we could see more of this in the real world.

This was the first part of the last hurrah and farewell when it comes to my summertime festivities and I’m so grateful to not only have been able to attend for a second year but to be surrounded by so many really wonderful humans from all walks of life. As a solo camper a couple years ago to one who brought a few friends with this time, the experience that Ashley and Justin provide is truly so much more out of this world and full of magic than I think any of us even realize. Feeling the feels tonight and already missing the 12 mile hike up to the cabins in the early hours of this morning post-smores.

I laughed so much over the weekend. My cheeks hurt from smiling and that hasn’t happened in such a long time. I listened to conversations about things I new nothing about and learned from people I’d never met and may never see again. I ate all the foods I probably wouldn’t have ordered in a restaurant and found out Drekker Brewing now has a bomb fucking seltzer that I could chug like water. (Plop, you gotta try it). And I cried when it was all over. But like, the good kind of tears, because I had the time of my life.

For anyone interested in learning more about Unglued Summer Camp, click here for general deets and here for the 2019 recap they did (I attended this one)! I’ll probably add more photos to this post once I go through them from the weekend!

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