Day 7: When it rains, it pours

I woke up before my 5:30 alarm today. The rain was a’knockin’ and I found myself at an awake-for-hours bustling breakfast restaurant by 6:15 in Bar Harbor. I dined at the bar so I could chat with the locals. The chef’s English was broken and I’m not sure I understood much of what he said but laughter is translated the same in every language and I could tell he was loved dearly by everyone he interacted with. It was abundantly clear that he enjoyed making the hundreds of blueberry pancakes for patrons of both regular and tourist fashion each day.

I realized in that moment how rare it is to not only see someone so throughly enjoy what they are doing in the moment but to also be in the presence of someone who exudes joy so naturally. It was refreshing and felt contagious.

My goals for today didn’t quite pan out as expected. I hit up Bass Harbor Lighthouse after breakfast. I had intended to make sure I knew where I was going and what I’d be getting myself into so I could come back at sunset. The slippery jagged rocks of the Atlantic shoreline had other plans. With many “3 points of contact” steps and a lot of prayer, I safely made it down the mini-mountain of shady ass boulders. It was one of those climbs my mom wouldn’t have liked watching me do, balance doesn’t come naturally to me. But, I got to where I wanted to be for the shot I wanted to get. #doitforthegram

The graceful climb of a wannabe gymnast was nowhere in sight on the way up though. In a matter of seconds, I took a tumble forward in between two barnacle covered sharp as fuck boulders right into the leftover ocean water from this mornings tide. (Yes, it was that dramatic. You needed a visual.) My hand somehow broke my fall but it’s killing me like a mother and I screwed something up good down my entire leg.

I stumbled my way back to the car like a salty wet puffin and eventually took a walk in downtown Bar Harbor after regrouping but the fall seriously wiped me out and I’m going to be hurting for awhile. It’s been a weird trip, this one. So many detours and I can’t help but wonder what they mean.

Thankfully the cabin is cozy, the local gas station was stocked with ice, and Grand Torino was playing on AMC. It’s been pouring rain all day too which is definitely a bummer but I guess if I have to nurse some injuries at least it’s on a day like today. That’s optimistic, right?

P.S. Even though this probably took me out for the rest of the time as far as my plans are concerned (aka hiking), I really am in pretty good spirits and won’t let a little almost somersault into the rocky harbor let me lose sight of the blessings in life. Everything will be okay.

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