Bucket List

Our bucket lists are meant to be a mix of real and fantasy. I’ve done much more than the green strikeouts on this list and will continue to update. Anyone that would LOVE to join me in my life adventure is welcome to. Enjoy.

Get A Tattoo. Or Ten.          Pay It Forward.          Go To Warped Tour.          Get A Passport.          Buy A Brand New Vehicle.           Dance Like No One Is Watching.          Go Back To College.          Write To Grandma Elsie.          Design My Future Home.          Buy My Mom A Grandfather Clock.          Become A Columnist.          Become Healthy!          A Pub Crawl.          Marry Channing.          Participate In A Marathon.          Actually Pull Off Wearing Red Lipstick.           Pick A Perfume.           Write To Grandma Darlene.           Travel To Europe.          Find Empathy.          Travel To Europe Again.          Lose Weight.          Wear Heels Even Though I’m Tall.          Camp For A Week.          Go Downhill Skiing.          Go Snowboarding!          Live In New York.          Go To Las Vegas, Baby!          Learn From Mistakes.          Write A Book.          See Macklemore Live.          Be In Love.          Go To IKEA.          Sleep In IKEA.          Find A Job I Love.          Purchase A Lake Home.          Become A Mommy!          Have A Lightbulb Moment.          See A Broadway Play.          Have Money In My Savings Account.          Arm Knit A Scarf.          See Nickleback & Saving Abel.          Add Meditation To My Daily Routine.          Graduate College.          Accept Things I Cannot Change.          Appreciate Classical Music.          Go To A Country Concert – Twice!           Be Comfortable.                    Seek Beauty In All Things.          Like Yoga.          Visit Duluth.         See A Lighthouse.          Drive Along Route 66 Scenic North Shore.          Go To Gooseberry Falls.           Become A Homeowner.           Advance In My Career.           Open Up About My Weight           Change Someones Life For The Better.           Explore Chicago.           

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