Camp N’ Solo (2021)

What I learned

Today I head home. It’s 3:55 am and I’m waiting for the TSA line to open up at the Bangor International Airport in Maine. Today’s date isn’t lost on me. I’ll be mid-flight between Chicago and Fargo on the 20 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and if I’m being honest, the event hadn’t made […]

Day 8: A Cadillac and a glass of wine

I’m sitting in the little baby Prius rental at the summit of Cadillac Mountain looking at a wall of dense fog wondering what it looks like beyond that. I imagine it’s the Atlantic Ocean spotted with little Maine-owned islands. I’d wonder if anyone other than seals and eagles inhabit them. Or maybe it’s more mountains, […]

Day 7: When it rains, it pours

I woke up before my 5:30 alarm today. The rain was a’knockin’ and I found myself at an awake-for-hours bustling breakfast restaurant by 6:15 in Bar Harbor. I dined at the bar so I could chat with the locals. The chef’s English was broken and I’m not sure I understood much of what he said […]

Day 6: Stairway to Heaven

I meandered my way through tiny Vermont towns that were cuter than buttons and as quaint as can be. Each, I noticed, had a cemetery off the main drag and they were all larger than the current population. I’d like to visit more cemeteries, those old old ones. There is something so calming about them, […]

Night 5: Finding a silver lining

Well, I wouldn’t want anyone to think that traveling, let alone traveling solo, is all rainbows and blue skies so I figured it’d be fair for me to share a downfall of traveling with Ori. I won’t dive much into the details because I don’t think they nessisarily matter here but not everything goes according […]

Day 5: The Prady Bunch

Today’s tour guide was a high energy, highly irritated indian man by the name of Prady. His birthplace was in New Delhi but he’s called Niagara Falls home since the early 90’s, leading this tour for the majority of his career. He nerded out on Nikola Tesla all day, gave us all name tags, and […]

Day 4: Airports & Airwaves

AM: As I was doing my morning skincare routine at a bright 4:30 am, I stopped to look at the woman I saw in the mirror and felt so much more joy than I remember feeling before. I sat there for a minute, thinking about all the times I’d looked in this mirror and so […]

Days 1-3: #UngluedCamp

FUCK! It’s now 8ish hours post camp and I seriously don’t know how else to continue this post without using all the swears every fourth fucking word because Unglued Summer Camp was so FRICKIN’ SICK, MAN. Literally nothing I say will even come close to describe the level of badass-ary that went TF on the […]

Pre-Trip Feels.

Ori here, your one and only source into the weird little world of my semi-adventurous life. I really should take the Gossip Girl series for another spin, it’s been a few years and I’m missing that Upper East Side teenage drama. It might take the edge off from the monotonous still-in-a-panini lives we’ve all grown […]