I’m Back.

Well, I’ve decided that since I took an unplanned hiatus, I will try not to flood the world with the craziness of the last few weeks. I’m sure that won’t happen but I thought I’d go ahead and say it. I guess I can briefly overview the blah that I’ve called my life. I don’t know where to start so I’m sure this will be full of blubber that isn’t filled in with details as I don’t to bore you any more than you’ve already been subjected to. 
On October 10th, I got into an accident and my poor Monte was totaled. I’m thankful that I was not injured aside from minor rib bruising and being sore for a few days. I have many Angels and I am beyond thankful for being watched down upon by them. The entire accident and everything that has come with it is the main reason I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been pent up with so much anger, confusion, and stress that I didn’t want to put it in words. Long story short, my claim is still open. The parents of the kid that hit ME will not let him speak to the insurance company. Oh and did I mention that he was in the hospital and threatening to sue? Why was he in the hospital, what happened you ask? Who the fuck knows. He was absolutely fine when he rammed into me and was gone before I was out of the ambulance. I understand adrenaline is running and even I myself didn’t feel the impact until later that day but what could have happened to him that he was hospitalized? Of course, I hope he’s okay but I do not by any means understand why his family refuses to let him speak to the insurance company and are threatening to sue? What are you hiding? Along with that brief summary of mess, I was out of a car and had to car shop which I may add, is NOT an enjoyable experience especially when it’s unplanned. Summarizing that gross two weeks of car shopping, I have ultimately found a new car that I love. I’m sure I’ll probably cry when I get my first car loan bill but what can you do? 
You know, I really wish I would have blogged because if I typed up everything swarming around inside of my head right now, this would end up being an entire book.
Here’s a check of my new 2011 Hyundai Elantra 🙂