I had much more to say about this when it actually happened but seeing as I’m just getting to blogging about it; I’ll keep it short.  My heart goes out to the families of the lost, it truly does.  It was an absolutely terrible thing to have happened by an absolutely terrible person.  But I do have two things to say. 
1. Personally, I would have HATED if Christian Bale came to see me in the hospital for so many reasons.  I’d find it incredibly annoying as an adult because in my cold heart I’d see it as bonus points for him.  Being a good samaritan and all, taking charge and being a real Super Hero. Yeah right. And If I were one of those children, I’d be deathly afraid of the real Batman coming to see me considering that  he couldn’t save me when I needed him most.
2. I haven’t done any research on this aside from the jib jab on Facebook, but what the hell is with these anti-Obama people saying this shitty thing is because of the government not letting everyone have guns or some bullshit?  Like criminals will follow the law or something. And if everyone did have a gun, they’d all be killers trying to blindly shoot at the assassin. So get a grip.


A word I’d love to remove from the mouths of the human race.  It’s disgusting and painful.  Abortion is murder, you can’t argue with me on that. I dare you to try, the result will be a punch in both the throat and vagina. Abortion is a selfish, inconsiderate, disgraceful thing for anyone to even have cross their minds in any type of decision making.  It was a choice to drop your pants, live with the consequence.  And by the way a child shouldn’t be a consequence; if it is than adoption is an alternative to your selfishness.  I also know that rape is a terrible terrible thing.  It’s traumatic and beyond horrific but everything does happen for a reason even if it’s hard to see it.  Those raped should be given sympathy but abortion still shouldn’t be a choice.  That child was conceived for a reason even if the circumstances were terrible. Regardless of your faith or lack there of, life is a gift and should never be terminated no matter the size.  We have prisons in this world for a reason and if someone can be sentenced to serve time for rape, violence, and drugs than abortion should fall into a high class of murder.