Vine VS. Instagram.

In case you’ve slept through the last 24 hours you’ve probably heard of the new phenomenon. Well, it’s not really a phenomenon due to its obviously stolen features but Team Facebook (Instagram) just launched video Instagramming, which was released yesterday. Whereas Team Twitter (Vine) has been out for roughly half a year.
I admit, at first, I was excited about this Insta Video thing. Instagram is pretty legit;  little square photos that you can add filters too, rotate, brighten, and blur is great. Outstanding really. Being a partner with Facebook isn’t too shabby either.
Vine on the other hand was ahead of the pack to begin with in the video sense. I first heard about it in April and downloaded it right away. It’s 100% video. No special editing, just a quick 6 seconds, and POW you’ve got a clip. It’s extremely user friendly and has a simple (and that’s all you need) layout. If you fuck up, just exit and start over.

Here’s where the trouble came along, Instagram now has videos. Go figure. You know the Facebook Corporation just can’t let someone else have a little glory. The reason I was so excited to start off with was because I enjoy Instagram. The video capability has two unique features: filters and a cover photo. Both pretty sweet if you ask me but after messing around with it for a few hours last night. That’s really about it.
It has 15 seconds rather than 6. You might be saying, but that’s better; it’s longer! No. Six seconds on Vine is the perfect amount of time. Sure, on Vine, you could use 7 or 8 seconds once in a blue moon but six is clearly the golden number and its working. 15 on Insta is way too long. My biggest and most prominent complain with Insta Video is this: I made and messed with about 10-12 videos last night. I think I “posted” seven. Funny thing is the fucker wouldn’t “process.” So all that time that I took to conjure up a video, make it perfect with lighting, voice, and look..they never proceed! Man was I pissed.
Maybe I’m just going on my first impressions but first impressions are the only ones that really matter right? The bottom line is: Instagram = Photos, Vine = Videos, and while I’m at it Twitter = Hashtags and Facebook is just jealous that the world is evolving.
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He Loves Me. He Loves me Not.

I’ve been seeing a good handful of promise ring photos circulating my news feeds the last couple of weeks. I’ve never understood the point of them. Do you really need to give a promise ring to promise what, loyalty? Being faithful? Shouldn’t that be a given? I guess I just always figured that’s what morals were for.

Maybe a promise ring is like “Hey, will you stay being my girlyfriend until I decide if I want to be committed to you?” I mean, come on what the fuck? 
What’s your definition of an engagement? To me an engagement ring is just a courteous way to give yourself time to plan the big shindig and to give everyone you know a heads up about the celebration.  If your going to give a per-engagement ring than please humor me, what’s the point? Do you send out notices letting all of your family and friends know that you might get engaged one day? Well hunny, we all might.  
You either love someone or you don’t. If you’re that insecure where you need a promise ring after three months than maybe you should reevaluate your brain functionality. 
And besides, if you were just to skip to an engagement ring like the majority of the population, there are no laws against breaking off an engagement. If someone returns a PR, you’ll still say you’re girlfriend broke up with you not your “more than a girlfriend but not yet a fiancé.” 
I do think rings are appropriate for different reasons. Say your marine is getting deployed and gives you a ring that is inscribed “Love you always.” That’s not a PR that’s just a heartfelt gift letting you know that he’ll always love you.
That being said, it’s the thought that counts and I’m not against gift or jewelry giving, I guess it just seems humorous especially when adults make the “kind of” commitment. 
Kids these days. 

Brother, Comrade, Friend.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always considered my middle brother to be my best friend. I’ve had friends come and go throughout the years just like anyone else but a sibling can never be replaced. We can tell each other anything and everything without judgment. We quite clearly lead separate lives in separate cities with separate directions but we always have each other.
Yesterday we went on a long overdue spontaneous road trip to the cities. What for? To shop at IKEA! I’ll leave out the nauseating details of a great day with my kid brother but I was reminded of so many happy and positive things in my life while hanging out with him yesterday. He’s so down to earth and is able to ground even the most “strung out on stress” person. There’s a sense of intoxication from being able to laugh and share memories for hours and hours. Music blasting and laughing until we cry makes everything else in the world temporarily disappear. Any doubts about how shitty the slowly creeping days of our existence are moving by, slowly evaporates as soon as we are together. I think we were both reminded that we have each other. Reminiscing about the past and updating the present is proof that the future has so much to offer for both of us.

It’s so easy to build a positive character when you have someone to turn to. I need to remember to live my life in the way that I want to and not let others hold me back. If someone scowls because I’m having the time of the life, I shouldn’t be allowed to let that get to me anymore. I’ve so easily become a mummy among everyone else, putting each person I come in contact with before myself and although that’s my nature; I still deserve to live the way that makes me happy as well.  I came to a realization yesterday on why some people may not have a positive outlook about me and I intend to change that. While there are instances that I have no control over, I want people to see me for who I am; for who Nick sees me and knows me as, not the person that you think I am. I’ve pushed myself so far into the back that it was so easy for persons to develop false opinions of me. So, here goes nothing.


I know I’m not the typical 23 year old. I haven’t really gotten into the party every weekend phase or bar hop until the city is spinning chapter of the classic 20-something. Actually, I’ve only been to the bar probably five times in my legally adult life. I’m not complaining nor am I bragging. I’ll have a few drinks here and there, I’ll have some fun, and I can let my hair down but it’s usually just at home. I admit that I wonder what it’d be like. I wonder what it’s like to have no cares in the world even just for one night of dancing with friends. I think the largest thing that I “wonder” about is the lifestyle. The friends, the memories, and the unaware state of inebriation. Waking up hungover is a giant damper on the lifestyle so many people choose and I’m not asking for that but I can honestly say that I don’t have those friends, I don’t have those memories, and I definitely don’t have that yearned for excitement.
I suppose if I want to over-analyze the situation, there are two significant reasons why I chose the “work work work and stay home on the weekends” route. The largest reason is friends, acquaintances, or whatever you’d like to call them. I went in direction A while everyone else chose direction B. This is partially my blame because I chose certain things or people over others but it also takes two to tango and everyone evolves in separate ways. Another obvious rationale is money. Of course, money! I’ve always had a decent job and bills but somehow I’ve never had enough money to blow $50-$100 in one sitting of binge drinking. $15 at Happy Harry’s and some good music on my Apple Mac tends to be my solution to a break from life.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is. It’s becoming more of an observation than anything I suppose. Of course, I wish I had those moments and memories with lifelong friends that so many others have but I’m still young and I still have time to have fun. As we all know an eventful night of fun doesn’t always have to consist of drinking but it’s just the way of life us northerners have come to adopt due to lack of activities and imagination around the area. 

Check Up.

I don’t write as nearly often as I should and as I planned on. Sure, I have topics to discuss but it almost always seems like a nuisance to pull out the laptop. I’m tip tap typing in my phone and it’s just a pain the the ass. 
I’ve been focusing on a personal goal recently circling all around the book I’m writing. It’s currently under wraps and I haven’t decided upon a date to release any information on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of what I’m doing but I also want this to be something I successfully finish thus the waiting period.  
A few topics I’d like to give a extremely brief who-ha to: 
1. Gay Marriage in Minnesota! A congratulatory hooray for the LBGT community is much deserved! Everyone is and should be entitled to openly express their love for another person. I mean Christ, if Mormons can have multiple wives than why can’t a lesbian have just one?
2. Boston, West, and Moore. Although thankfully none are related, all are tragic. My heart goes out to the victims, the families, and the on-lookers. I couldn’t imagine anything even remotely similar to ever happen and I just pray that time will heal all wounds and happy memories will fill the holes in broken hearts. 
3. Jodi Arias Trial. Thank The Lord above that it’s almost over. It appeared to be the most publicly drawn out annoyance since Casey Anthony. Unfortunately Anthony was found innocent; but I’m very pleased with the jury to rule a guilty plea for the obnoxiously manipulative Arias. I have conflicting views on the death penalty in comparison to popular opinion but knowing that she’s not physically free roaming the streets will suffice for me. 
4. Since I’ve been so poorly keeping my blog updated, remember to follow me on Twitter at my handle: @orianoelle 
I suppose that’s all for now. ✌

Heels. High, High Heels.

So, I’ve been working on finding motivating things to get me going; to get me happy and healthy. I think I’ve found it! Heels. Really, heels? 
I don’t really go shopping much for a few different reasons. There’s the obvious, I’m broke and than there is the still obvious but not so prominent; nothing fits. But you know what always fits? Shoes. I went to Payless on an outing with my mom yesterday and tried on about five pairs of heels. Now, keep in mind, I don’t “do” heels. Never have and said I never will but I think that may change. I loved them!!
I probably look like a tom-boy trying to walk in them but I love the way they look in the mirror. From the bottom up, heels look sophisticated. They show confidence and a sense of sexuality.
Heels I fell In Love With – Payless
Even though I loved the way they looked, I realized that I kind of look silly wearing them with my body frame and I don’t think I’d want to fall down in them looking the way I do. So this morning, I went through my magazines and cut-out about twenty pairs of heels and models wearing them. I want to wear them and feel as confident and beautiful as the people in the photos. I’m not foolish. I’m not going to aim to look like those models. I have no desire to do that. To be honest, most of them look scary skinny and I have no need in the world to reach for something like that. I want to feel beautiful and to feel beautiful; I need to gain confidence in my appearance again. 
So here’s to something to reach for; high heels!

Yes, I’m Pro-Life.

It’s come to my attention that I’m the underdog in the opinions about the abortion bills passed in North Dakota recently. When I say underdog, I don’t have any statistics to base that off of. I’m simply comparing my views to the majority of the views I see in my social media feed. If you know anything about me, you probably already know what I have to say about the topic. 
It’s been a few weeks now and although the discussion has quieted down on Facebook and Twitter; the topic is still highly alive around the state and country. I have to first express a sigh of relief to myself. I’m used to facing controversy head on and throwing my opinion into the burning barrel like everyone else. People start to hate each other and everyone gets pissy and deletes half of their friends list for a few weeks. Believe it or not, I kept my mouth shut this time around. Not because I didn’t want to stand up for what I believe in but because many people are so arrogant and quite frankly I wasn’t up for a bitch-fest discussion.
I want to first clear the air and note that I fully respect that other people have opinions. Opinions are a very valuable thing in the world we live in. Without an opinion, you are invisible. Of course, I cherish my opinions and I usually feel very strongly about them. I do my research before I’m ready to state an opinion because I want to be able to back myself up and just like anyone else, you’ll probably die trying to change my thoughts. The thing is, even though I support differing opinions and I firmly stand my ground, you will not change me and I’m not about to change anyone myself. I simply want others to know my train of thought and accept that rather than throwing the name blame game card or being unreasonable derogatory just to get attention. 
Now everyone knows the ins and outs of the legality of abortion. What is and what isn’t. Who decides and who cares about what. We all know this information so I’m not going to bother repeating it and bore you to death. The purpose of this post is to let you know in the simplest form how I feel about the topic. So, here it goes.
There are so many, SO MANY people in the country let alone world that can not conceive or have problems carrying babies to term. This is the baseline of why I can’t comprehend aborting a child. What are your reasons for aborting? Too much fun last month and you fucked up? What’s more fucked up is throwing a miracle down the drain. 
Before you freak out, I want to mention that if a mothers life is in danger and/or there is a rape case in the hands of the topic than the entire situation is different and I truly can’t base a good opinion on that subject. As I have never been raped and I’ve never been in danger of my life, I can not honestly form a solid thought. I personally think that it would be a case by case basis. 
Although I don’t know the numbers on rape verses just not wanting a baby; I wouldn’t think that the ratio is that close. In assuming which is a terrible thing to do; I’d assume that a larger majority of abortions are done because the baby is just plain not wanted. That’s a rotten excuse to kill. 
What it comes down to is that I personally have always wanted to be a “mommy.” I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a little girl and as I get older and want a family more and more every day, I couldn’t fathom getting pregnant and not wanting it. I don’t care if you are 17 at prom, 20 at a college party, or 32 and successful; abortion shouldn’t be the solution to your problem. 
What’s wrong with adoption? Are you afraid you’ll get fat? Get over it. I have zero empathy for women that have had abortions and suffer from depression after the fact. You chose to end that life. You chose it, so you have no right to cry about it. 
In conclusion, I’m not here for an argument or discussion on the topic. This is my opinion and you have the right to respect it or not respect it but just know that if you can’t value that someone has a differing opinion than yours than don’t bother getting upset when someone goes postal on your ass for supporting something so inhumane.

“Funny how the people that are pro-abortion were allowed to be born themselves.”