Pain In The Neck.

I had my first chiropractor experience today and have decided this is going to be a long long journey. My necks been hurting since my accident and I finally went in to see what the issue was. They cracked me like crazy today and took a few X-Rays. I have no idea of the terminology but there is a disc or bone or joint?  in my neck that is rotated and it shouldn’t be. It’ll be about a month before it will be back to normal with weekly visits. On another hand, my hips are not even with the world and haven’t been since birth so through many many visits, I will be getting that fixed as well. Thank the Lord for good insurance. 


I have my moments of happiness. However, they are far and few in between. I’m not excited about anything, I could care less if I went anywhere or did anything. Overall, I’m just sad. I’m sad with the life that I’m in. I want to be happy and carefree but can’t. I cry over everything. I get upset very easily. I’m just so so sad.