He Loves Me. He Loves me Not.

I’ve been seeing a good handful of promise ring photos circulating my news feeds the last couple of weeks. I’ve never understood the point of them. Do you really need to give a promise ring to promise what, loyalty? Being faithful? Shouldn’t that be a given? I guess I just always figured that’s what morals were for.

Maybe a promise ring is like “Hey, will you stay being my girlyfriend until I decide if I want to be committed to you?” I mean, come on what the fuck? 
What’s your definition of an engagement? To me an engagement ring is just a courteous way to give yourself time to plan the big shindig and to give everyone you know a heads up about the celebration.  If your going to give a per-engagement ring than please humor me, what’s the point? Do you send out notices letting all of your family and friends know that you might get engaged one day? Well hunny, we all might.  
You either love someone or you don’t. If you’re that insecure where you need a promise ring after three months than maybe you should reevaluate your brain functionality. 
And besides, if you were just to skip to an engagement ring like the majority of the population, there are no laws against breaking off an engagement. If someone returns a PR, you’ll still say you’re girlfriend broke up with you not your “more than a girlfriend but not yet a fiancé.” 
I do think rings are appropriate for different reasons. Say your marine is getting deployed and gives you a ring that is inscribed “Love you always.” That’s not a PR that’s just a heartfelt gift letting you know that he’ll always love you.
That being said, it’s the thought that counts and I’m not against gift or jewelry giving, I guess it just seems humorous especially when adults make the “kind of” commitment. 
Kids these days.