What I Learned

I mean it this time, I’m really going to try and keep this one brief…

11206009_10153244766268363_629697034771495945_nI learned that I need to appreciate the finer things in life. I learned that it’s silly to be nervous about everything. I learned that my mom is my favorite person and that water makes me happy. I learned that I need to take care of myself and pride myself for who I am and not pity myself in how I look. I learned that my deep passion for traveling isn’t going to be just a phase but a lifelong journey. I learned that I want to be happier and show it. To not let the stupid shit get me down. To not focus on the small things but admire the bigger picture. I learned that I still care much more than I should about people and things that don’t always deserve a second thought. I learned that I want to pursue my passions for photography and writing. I want to work on developing my personal style, touch. Even if the grammar is off sometimes and even if my photos are too contrast-y. I want to fucking travel and never stop. I don’t want to work to live and live to work. I want to see the world through my own eyes and laugh. I want to always be reaching for more and getting absolutely everything out of life that is worth getting.

11210443_10153233961343363_2436395386843007592_nAs brilliantly quoted by Arianna Huffington: “I wish I’d known sooner that success isn’t defined by who goes the longest without vacation.” I love my job and what I do. I’ve loved my past jobs and what I did. I pride myself in my work ethic and intellect but it consumes me. No matter what position I’ve held whether it be a sandwich artist at Subway, a sales rep at Digi-Key, or a marketing assistant at a newspaper – it becomes my life and I live because of it. No more. I’ll still do my best in everything I do but I won’t allow myself to feel guilty when I want to love life. Going forward, I am unapologetically living. And I hope you do too.

Day 5 + 6 + 7 + 8: The Rest of the Trip

Clearly I didn’t do the best job at participating in my self-assigned blog series. Oh well, I’m sure only 3 people were interested in it anyways. (By the way, I really do appreciate all 3 of you!) The main reason for not posting was because it’s a pain the ass to blog on my phone and as you know, I can get a little wordsy so it didn’t play out well for me. I figured I’ll post a short (who am I kidding, it’ll probably be a mile long) summary of each day. Also, if you’re not interested in reading, I’m going to weed through my photos over the next week or so and post some of my favorites on here so I can stop pestering the Facebook world. Thanks in advance for reading and I hope that you too are able to take a vacation sometime soon!

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Day 4: Time Travel Is Real

It was rainy today but we headed over to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore because it was on our bucket list. We prayed the rain away for a little bit and thankfully God heard our prayers. For about 20 minutes we hung out at the tip of Lake Michigan, collected some sand, and walked along the shore. It was refreshing but cold.


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Day 3: At The Corner Of Happy & Healthy

It’s dark out in Chi-Town and we’re back on a train to Indiana after an eventful and exciting day.

Up until this point (I’m 25 going on 90), I’ve kind of lived a sheltered life. As a kid, we didn’t go on vacations or go camping. We grew up in a town with 2,000 full blood Scandinavians. My idea of a summer vacation was babysitting my cousin Bella in Warroad and I was cool with that. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized I’m an extreme breed of novice at traveling the ocean blue.

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Day 2: A Truckers Kid

Today we drove and we drove and we drove. Over the endless amount of miles that we covered today, we learned a few things..

1. Madison, WI is super awesome…for health conscience college kids. We toured Monona Terrace and loaded up on the architectural genius that is Frank Lloyd Wright. I tried to take a few photos but it’s one of those places that you just need to see to capture the beauty and really appreciate the design.

We attempted to check out the rest of Madison but found that it’s filled, like to the brim, with wandering people. I’m all for being outside on a beautiful day but I have an incredibly low tolerance for pedestrians in general. And guess what? Downtown Madison is a pedestrians dream. They even have their own street that vehicles aren’t allowed to go down. Walk, bike, roll – whatever you like. Just don’t drive. There had to have been three times as many people as cars. Beautiful, young, vibrant city but not for me.

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Day 1: “The Cities”

As I’m typing this, I’m lounging on a super comfy hotel bed in the middle of Bloomington. Because I believe in order, I’ll be backdating this post to Saturday as if I wrote it yesterday. (Its currently Sunday. See time travel is a thing.) The events happened Saturday so it’s only logical that it be published “Saturday.” Right? It’s also going to be short because I have things to do like be on vacation. :)

Our trip began in Bemidji, MN and brought us about 4 hours to the deep south and unofficial but also incorrectly dubbed “heart” of the state. The heart of the state is obviously the good ol’ dirt roads and towering trees. Not the city. But I digress.

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Oh, The Places We’ll Go.

As you may or probably may not know, my mom and I are taking our first ever Mother Daughter Trip. I’d like to say we’ve given it an official name, but we haven’t.
I’m totally a name person. I like things to be labeled. Easier to remember I guess since I kind of figure that I’m genetically predisposed alzheimers. But that’s getting a little morbid so well move on..
Sometime in February, I think we decided that we’re going to take a trip. We’re not usually trip takers mainly because we’re inexperienced as such.  But both of us are world travelers at heart. Belive me, if traveling was inexpensive, I’d be out of here in a flash.
I wasn’t going to blog while on vacation because I wasn’t bringing my computer and blogging from my phone isn’t always ideal because I hate its autocorrect and incorrect spell check. It’s also tough to format through a 6″ device that may or may not error out.  So, don’t give this grammar nazi a hard time — it’s technologies fault not mine.
Stay tuned for a mini-series of the inaugural Mother Daughter Trip of 2015!