Welcome Back Thanks To Mac!

I survived my short drought without a PC so I thought I might as well make my comeback with a bang! Oh how I loved my Sony Vaio; I had it for nearly five years and it just decided to give out a few weeks ago.  Why not upgrade?  I’ve heard so many unbelievably amazing things about Apple so my first Apple product might as well be a MacBook Air, right?  I’m not going to lie, when I was leaving Best Buy I wanted to jump up and down with excitement but I played it cool.  I plan on posting quite a bit this week since I have a few pent up things in my head.  I’m absolutely loving this Mac though, I gotta give props to the Tech that helped me at Best Buy.  I found that asking the Geek Squad is much more beneficial than the sales associates as they are only trying to make a buck.  
Check it out!
P.S. This MacBook Air was $1300 regular but was on clearance for $1050 as the newest version just came out.  Plus I talked the associate down an additional 20% so I only ended up paying $840 before all the additional jib jab software that I needed.  Pretty good deal.

To The Heros.

Just wanted to pop in and show a little appreciation for the people that follow my writing.  The people that compliment it and bash it down; I want to say thank you. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and even though I can be hard headed at times and stick to my guns, I do like to hear opinions and other views.  I know that I don’t have much to say and at times I get off on tangents about how terrible I feel like my life has been but it means more the brightest star in the universe to hear that people actually pay attention.  They get it, they understand, they read, and they support.  That’s what I love about the freedom of speech and will; it’s still out there.  I’ve been in a slump and really bad place for some time now and I’m determined to pull myself out of this gutter. To be quite honest, it’s pathetic. I can’t STAND people that sit in a little hole in the ground whining about the life they’ve chosen or the cards they were dealt.  But what am I doing? I’m a hypocrite at the very least.  I need to pull my head out of my ass and go back to being me, being Ori.  The Ori that I grew up with and am proud of is fun, carefree, silly.  I am lovable, compassionate, and full of hopes and dreams so why not continue that life?  So what if I’ve pressed pause longer normal; I’m young and I need to cherish that.  I need to work on myself, my goals, and my aspirations.  I want to inspire people, I want to be proud of myself, and most of all I want to be happy again.  Thank you again to the many people who have believed in me before I could believe in myself.  Lets do this!

Change Of Plans.

Alright, I lied. Tomorrow sometimes in my head might mean a week from now, so I apologize for not writing sooner.  A few “everyday regulars” will be changing in my life soon.  I’ve accepted a new job in a new town with new people to surround myself with.  I’m officially moving back to Grand Forks, pretty excited!  The main reason I’m up and leaving is due to some issues with my past posts over the last six weeks or so.  Certain things are still being discussed and areas of the relationship world are progressing in a positive manner but with everything that happened; I took it as a sign to change something in my life.  With that said, I loved Grand Forks when I lived there a little over a year ago and I don’t see why I shouldn’t go back.  If the other areas of my life, mainly my love life, are meant to be; than they will be.  I do have a great job here in Thief River and have been more than blessed to progress as far as I have but I don’t want to be another person working here.  It’s just like when you go to Roseau and someone works at Polaris or Warroad and Marvins.  They are plenty fine places to build a life around but I don’t like to blend in with everyone else. I don’t want to make good money by becoming a robot.  I don’t want to go to my 10-year reunion and say that I’m still “stuck” in Thief River.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been blessed with wonderful opportunities here but this isn’t where I see myself for the rest of my life.  I start my new journey on May 22nd and am both excited and scared!  I feel that I will do well because I do put my best foot forward in most everything that I do.  They last step in this process is to find an apartment that I can afford.  I’ll be going for round two this coming Thursday so wish me luck!
I actually used to live in the far left building when I first moved to GFunk.