Life is so hard, love is even harder. This kid is one of the most important people in my life. Actually, he probably tops this list. Love concours all, I am proof and belive in it whole-heartedly.
I love you, Nick.

To Grandma’s House We Go!

– Nightgowns – Bunny Hill – Hawks – Rail Road Short Cut – M&K Takeout – Quilts – Painting Fabric – Painting G’mas Toenails – Holly Hocks – Scrabble – Rummy – Swimming – Docks – The Fosters – Fishing with Dad – Uncle Troy – St. Marys – Pow-Wows – Guardian Lions – Guardian Angels – Weird Neighbors – Roll Out Garden – Grandma – Campbells Soup – Daisy Gardens – Crazy Dayz – Ben Franklin – 1 Cent Tootsies – Casino – Sand – Beach – Trading Post – Buoy – Big Waves – Cigarettes – Coffee – Croquet – Dressing Up – Yellow Brick Road – Pollyanna – Santa Claus – Doll Houses – Fire Crackers – Family – Life – Red – Nut Cracker – Vonnie – Donna – Madonna – VHS – Paper Dolls – Angels – Halloween – Bees – Isabella – Skinned Knees – Sidewalk Chalk – Monopoly – Potato Salad – Fudge Frosting – Jed and Joyce – Marvins – Flowers – Swimming – Unc’s Plays – Braids – Mickey Mouse – Wallpapered Doors – Black and White Tile – Dorothy – Smoke – Laughing – Flood – Crab Apples – Everything Happy
Mom, Nick. Logan, Channing, and I went up to Warroad to see Grandma Rita yesterday.  I’m so happy that we all were able to go.  I love seeing her.  Everything on the way there made me think of the best of times, so many memories, so many unforgotten things.  I was amazed at what I remembered about every little area of the town.  Just being at Grandmas made my entire week, I wish we all didn’t live so far away.

Welcome Back Thanks To Mac!

I survived my short drought without a PC so I thought I might as well make my comeback with a bang! Oh how I loved my Sony Vaio; I had it for nearly five years and it just decided to give out a few weeks ago.  Why not upgrade?  I’ve heard so many unbelievably amazing things about Apple so my first Apple product might as well be a MacBook Air, right?  I’m not going to lie, when I was leaving Best Buy I wanted to jump up and down with excitement but I played it cool.  I plan on posting quite a bit this week since I have a few pent up things in my head.  I’m absolutely loving this Mac though, I gotta give props to the Tech that helped me at Best Buy.  I found that asking the Geek Squad is much more beneficial than the sales associates as they are only trying to make a buck.  
Check it out!
P.S. This MacBook Air was $1300 regular but was on clearance for $1050 as the newest version just came out.  Plus I talked the associate down an additional 20% so I only ended up paying $840 before all the additional jib jab software that I needed.  Pretty good deal.


This kid is my brother. He’s legit. He’s honestly the only thing that makes my day even when I’m not around him.  He’s straight with the truth but listens, understands, and accepts everyone for who they are.  I love him and support his life and existence. Tomorrow he’ll be around for 20 years and I’m glad to have had the privilege to be his big sister.  In all truth, I look up to him.  Check his shit out.
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