Heels. High, High Heels.

So, I’ve been working on finding motivating things to get me going; to get me happy and healthy. I think I’ve found it! Heels. Really, heels? 
I don’t really go shopping much for a few different reasons. There’s the obvious, I’m broke and than there is the still obvious but not so prominent; nothing fits. But you know what always fits? Shoes. I went to Payless on an outing with my mom yesterday and tried on about five pairs of heels. Now, keep in mind, I don’t “do” heels. Never have and said I never will but I think that may change. I loved them!!
I probably look like a tom-boy trying to walk in them but I love the way they look in the mirror. From the bottom up, heels look sophisticated. They show confidence and a sense of sexuality.
Heels I fell In Love With – Payless
Even though I loved the way they looked, I realized that I kind of look silly wearing them with my body frame and I don’t think I’d want to fall down in them looking the way I do. So this morning, I went through my magazines and cut-out about twenty pairs of heels and models wearing them. I want to wear them and feel as confident and beautiful as the people in the photos. I’m not foolish. I’m not going to aim to look like those models. I have no desire to do that. To be honest, most of them look scary skinny and I have no need in the world to reach for something like that. I want to feel beautiful and to feel beautiful; I need to gain confidence in my appearance again. 
So here’s to something to reach for; high heels!