James 1:17

Guess what Little Lady? Your mom and dad are coming home today! You woke me up this morning to your favorite phrase “Auntie Ori!” and wanting to play Peek-a-Boo. So that’s exactly what we did before actually starting the day. I think every morning should start with a little fun like that. It’s so heartwarming to wake up to your smiling face every morning.

Today we danced to our girl T. Swift and the queen B herself, Beyoncé. I think you might have the hand-on-your-hip thing down pat by now. Attitude girl, attitude!  We blew bubbles and you chased them around the apartment. Bodhi thought they were pretty cool too. We read almost all of our books again, The Preposterous Rhinoceros is your favorite, hands down.  I’m going to have to send you a copy. :) Grandpa Kevin was in town on his way to Oregon. He, your Uncle Nick and Auntie Katie all came to see you today! You made them all laugh, like you always do.

Your Mommy and Daddy came around 8 to pick you up and bring you home. I think you may have ran through all of the emotions in the hour they were here. Your new cousin Jordyn and (now official) Auntie Malayna were with too. I can’t believe you were ever as tiny as she is. Time flies when you’re growing every single day!


Em, you are the most kind and caring little human I’ve ever met. Even though you don’t have all the words and the wisdom that comes with age, you feel so deeply. Far more than most adults I’ve ever met do. If I didn’t have a smile on my face even for a second this week, you’d come over to me, put your hand on my chin and look me in the eyes with the kindest smile. Your laugh is so contagious and your presence endearing. You pat people on the back when you hug them, you never forget to say Thank You and your soul is an old one; beyond your little 2 years of age. You are hilarious and full of energy, girly. You are my little mini-me. If I tip my head back laughing, you do the same. If I twirl around dancing, you twirl. If I tell you how much I love you, you look right back at me and tell me you love me too.

I can’t wait to see you again soon and I hope that we’ll get to have more weeks and moments like this as often as possible. I’m so so lucky to have you in my life, Emma. Thank you for making me the happiest of aunties this last week and every day. <3

James 1:17 – All that is good, all that is perfect, is given us from above; it comes down from the Father of all light; with him there is no such thing as alteration, no shadow caused by change.

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a chill day. I thought about us going to the Zoo or Yunker Farm but I think after the last couple of busy days, we deserved a snuggle-time and TV day. And that’s what we’ve done. Uncle Nick and Auntie Katie stopped by for about an hour to visit you some more too which was really sweet to see. I think Nick said he’ll swing over after work tomorrow too before you head home.

You’re watching Boss Baby season 1 for the 3rd time this week as I type this. Tonight is bath-time (which you love!) and I’m going to finish folding your clothes. Mom and Dad are coming to bring you back home tomorrow sometime. I can’t believe our Auntie+Em Vacation is almost over. :'(

I think Bodhi boy is going to miss you to pieces too. He’s always a little shy when new people come around but he’s grown so fond of you this week. He loves your hugs and snuggles and he watches over you when you sleep. Your own little fur-guardian angel!


No Sleep ‘Til Naptime!

If you thought yesterday was fun, WOAH was today a blast! We woke up bright and early today and got our jumping jeans on to meet your Auntie Katie and her nephew Jordan at Skyzone for Toddler Time. Uncle Nick came after a bit too and so did his friend Mike. You love love loved the trampoline park. The floor was made out of all trampolines and so were the walls if you can believe it! You quickly became comfortable with your surroundings and were bouncing around the entire gym.

We did go to the foam pit briefly but I guess only 1 kiddo can go into that at a time and adults can’t (during this time) so the 1 time you did jump in, it was a feat to get you to come out! I can’t wait to bring you again! Toddler Time was a little over an hour and that was probably the perfect amount of time. By the time we were done, you were wiped, cheeks flushed and a little more snuggly than I expected you would be. Poor Uncle Nick wanted to give you lots of hugs and love but you weren’t cool with that right away.


After a little downtime at one of the tables, we decided to go to Storytime at Barnes & Noble. The story-teller read 3 Pig the Pug books. You were more interested in showing a little boy your age the My Little Pony book you found. I don’t think his mom was too impressed with the distraction but oh well. :) 

All of us (Uncle Nick, Auntie Katie, and your new friends Jordan & Mike) went to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries for lunch. Jordan wanted to eat a hot dog for lunch. You and him probably could have split a dog. He only ate part of his bun and you only part of your hot dog, lol.


We went to visit at Uncle Nicks house after to see his 3 kitties and then bought a few groceries. We ran out of milk and juice this morning and those seem to be your two favorite things. #liquiddietkid

The day wasn’t over after that! We went back to visit your dog-cousin Gus at Uncle Troys house tonight. Our grandma (your great-grandma) Rita is down visiting and she wanted to see you in all your cuteness! You also got to meet your newest baby twin cousins, Legend and Livingston. All of your other aunts and uncles and cousins [Oh, My!] were there too from the other day. You love it at Uncle Troys and so do I. His house always has been the most fun growing up with so many dress up things and laughter all around. :)


Time for this auntie to get to bed. Sweet dreams, Emma May.

Friday The 13th

For a superstitious-y day, it was anything but that. We slept in a bit today [finally!] and watched a few Boss Baby episodes. That appears the be the one show you cannot get enough of. Screw princesses and Nemo.. you are going to head up your own corporation one day!

Our day was filled with goodies and lots of fun. We made chocolate chip cookies. Auntie may have mixed the dry ingredients together and let you stir some of the wet because I wasn’t quite sure how much cookie dust would get all over. Maybe when you’re 4 you can do the whole recipe with me? Your absolute favorite part was dumping in (and eating) the chocolate chips. We used regular AND mini morsels for extra chocolate-y goodness. Your sweet tooth might be as big as mine! We took big spoon scoops, plopped them onto the pan and watched them bake in the oven. ‘Twas a treat to watch and eat!

After cookie and nap-time, we hit up Clay Your Way. I’m so glad we came today and didn’t go over the weekend. I’d only been once before and it was crowded. Today, it was just us and one other table. We walked around and looked at all of the white pottery pieces. Cups and bowls and fishies and toads. You picked out a kitty cat, good choice girly! And I picked out a geometric looking cup. Next, we had to pick out the paint! Auntie picked greens and blues and so did you! Great minds think alike.


The most fun part was painting the pottery we picked out, of course. You had so much fun. You thought it was hilarious that the kitty had a hole in the bottom of it (it’s butt) and you painted with more paintbrushes than you had fingers and toes! I’ll be picking up your kitty and my cup in a week or so. I’m so excited to see how they turned out and show you!

Once we left the pottery place, your Great Auntie Krissy had us over for pizza at her house. Our cousin, or as you later referred to him as Uncle Rett (Garrett), was there too and a bit later after that Uncle Bryan let you plop pillows and blankets on him. You helped Krissy put away the silverware and she pulled out some books for you to read. She even gave you a present! The cutest stuffed animal sheep and another pair of sweet shades.

We Facetimed Grandpa Kevin today while we were at Krissy’s. He was getting ready to bring your Grandma out for supper to get pizza (just like we had for dinner!) Your Mom, Dad, Auntie Miranda and Grandpa and Grandma Facetimed us too all the way from Texas. What a loved little girl you are!


Today was a blast kiddo! <3

TY, Emma.

‪As I type this, I’m snuggling with a very tired Em and we’re listening to sleep radio on Pandora. We’re only half-way through our Auntie+Em Vacation but I wanted to let you know that I needed this week with you so much little girl. My heart is full beyond measure in this moment. Thank you for being my person.❤‬


Meltdown Day Has Arrived.

Challenge Day accepted, Emma. Your planning err’thing auntie had a run for her money today thanks to you. But contrary to popular belief, I can go with the flow when situations occur.

We met my friend Alicia at the Holiday Inn at 11 today to go to the Homeward Animal Shelter Spay-ghetti and No Balls Benefit. You were not having it. I think it was partially because you are starting to miss mom and dad and partially because there was so much going on; puppies and people and poopy diapers. Some whack-a-doo woman in the dessert line just HAD to bring a bite-sized cupcake to our table just for you which was, I’m sure, well intended.. but once a 2 year-old sees treats, girl cannot be stopped. Your lunch today was 2 bites of spaghetti, a nibble on a breadstick and an Emma-sized cupcake. Don’t tell your parents. ;)

And guess what bug-a-boo? You hate your diaper getting changed. What’s up with that? It took both Alicia and I to change you before we left. Uffda. Also, who invented those Koala diaper changers? They are brilliant and the perfect height to change stinky butts but so not made for a 2-year old that isn’t potty trained yet.

I had plans for us to hit up Clay Your Way today to do some painting but that just wasn’t in the cards for us. No worries though, we’ll squeeze it in before the end of the week. See, people.. I can move things around.

We spent the rest of the day hanging at home. You helped me clean Bodhi Boy’s liter box and we Facetimed Grandma Julie after supper. You had lots of “moments” today and it was a learning experience for me. I wanted to know what was wrong but you just didn’t have the words to tell me. It makes me sad to see you frustrated with whatever was going on in that little noggin of yours.

The night ended with a lavender infused bath-time which helped solve all the days problems in an instant. Thank you to Grandma for the suggestion.

Aunties and Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!

Em and I hit up Storytime at the Libarary today; toddler edition. They were kind of weird there. I guess just showing up isn’t cool. It was a 10-week thing for regulars. Oh, well. We hung around the libary a little longer to check out some books and sit in the reading nook. I’m so happy to see that the love of books and stories followed through to Emma.

We also ran a few Auntie Ori errands. I had to switch my license over and apply for a passport (stay tuned for that adventure!). Hauling a well-behaved two-year-old around isn’t easy. So major props to all the mammas and dads out there there lug around anything and everything more. Welp!

After naptime, we crossed the border (the MN/ND border) to go visit (Great) Uncle Troy. That little nugget loved it there. Unc hurried home after work to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for us and brought out feathers and sparkly dresses to boot. Our cousin Abel even had some pretty cool hotwheels to play with. Em met her fish-cousin, Harold and dog-cousin, Gus. I think Gus may be bidding for best friend material over Bodhi rn. Aunties Kim and Amber also were there to visit us and so were almost all of our cousins.

Today was filled with so much laughter and little girl giggles. We even got to call mom and dad in Texas and Grandpa and Grandma in Viking. Auntie life is definitely the best life.




She’s Here!!

Em-cation has officially began! My brother and his fiancé (+family) are on their way to Texas for an Air Force graduation and guess who they asked to watch the coolest little girl in the whole world? Yep, me!

Every time I see Emma for the first time, she gives me the biggest full-of-joy smiles I’ve ever seen. I love that she is the definition of happy. I hope this quality follows her throughout her whole life forever and always.

Today was a chill day. I wasn’t sure when they’d be here and I didn’t want to jump into running around town in case she needed to get used to her new surroundings. So, we spent the day reading books and giving lots of love and kisses to her cat-cousin Bodhi. Uncle Nick came to visit us after work too, which was pretty cool! I hope we’ll get to see him more while she’s here.

I did find out that this super sweet little lady isn’t a fan of sweet potato fries. What gives, girl? She’s also a super duper help when it comes to laundry! Can I keep her?

The night ended in a splash-filled bath time, auntie braiding Em’s hair and a couple of Mother Goose rhymes before bedtime. What a wonderful day! I’m so excited to spend this week with her. <3

The Weeknd + Mon.

I have nearly a week and a half off from work and I’ll be spending most of it close to home. This isn’t your typical vacation series as you’ve read about in the past. I’m writing to you on the floor of my new apartment after a long but great weekend of shopping and building.

About a week ago, I moved from my 2-bedroom apartment that I shared with my ex-fiancé into a 1-bedroom pad. I’ve lived alone once before briefly but I had him as a frequent visitor and house guest so this really is my very first by-myself apartment. And it’s taking some getting used to. But that’s a post for another day.

When I started the moving process, I purged a lot of items and about half of our furnishings went to him which is totes cool with me. I had most of my shelves, tables, etc for years and years. A new chapter calls for a few new things, right? What better way to replenish than a trip to IKEA with my mom!

A detailed list with measurements in hand, we tackled the massive do-it-yourself store in about 4 hours. I think that’s probably the ushe to those that don’t live in the Bloomington area. I didn’t get everything on my list but Amazon is a friend of mine. We also hit up the mall and a few stores outside of it. I found a new foundation (that I LOVE!), my mom bought a couple pairs of shoes and we both hit up Bath & Body Works in Albertsville, like one does. (The “S” is on purpose). 

The trip to the cities was short and we were both exhausted by the time we hit the hay Sunday night. (My mom had an extra 2+ hours to drive home once we got back to Fargo.) I feel so lucky and incredibly blessed to have such a great relationship with my mom. It amazes me to see how many families don’t have that. Counting my blessings more than ever lately.

Today (Monday), was put-stuff-together-day. I know this probably sounds weak and a little anti-feminist but I’ve never, ever put anything together. Not that I don’t know how or am not capable of doing so, but I’d always had someone to do it, so what’s the point? A new skill is the point, I know. IKEA furniture is surprisingly incredibly easy to put together and I felt pretty awesome when I had completed everything far sooner than I had expected. For the first time.. probably ever.. I understood what the Power of a Woman meant. I may have even done the Wonder Woman power pose!

The only hiccup I had was my dresser. The one item I really really need! There were 3 boxes, of which I grabbed. But I grabbed 2 correct boxes and 1 incorrect box. As I’m writing you, I’m on minute 86 of the estimated 102 minute hold. We’ll see what happens, I guess. MEH.

Anyway, this has been a great 3-day start to my first Staycation. Miss Emma May comes tomorrow for an entire week! Stay tuned!