Here is a random list in no particular order of things I’m either considering majoring in, interests, and/or passions.  I hope that I can use this with you help as a tool to find my “calling.” I currently have a two-year Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences.  As of today, I do not know how many would be able to transfer as credit to UND but I am hoping that I will only have to go to school for another two and a half years.  Tops would be three.

Photography – I like everyone else LOVE photography.  I could do it all day every day.  I have general editing skills but am not as talented (editing wise) as some that I see.  But can this make a living? Probably not, as everyone and their brother thinks they are photographers.

Listening/Advice – I love to listen and I love to give advice.  With no professional experience, I do feel as if I give good advice.  It’s honest and forthright but it’s not blunt or candy coated. I’m a hypocrite just as much as the next Susie Que as I don’t always follow the good advice that I give but that’s not the gist as I don’t usually get advice because people seek me out and ask because they know that I will be brutally honest with them.

Social Work – This would be an option into the above but I have very little knowledge about the social work world.  I’m interested in learning more about it.

Psychology – This would also be an option given the listening and advice information that I provided.  I’ve always been fascinated with Psychology but I also know that I don’t want to go to school for another four years.  What kind of careers can I obtain with a bachelors in Psychology?  I feel as if I would succeed in this career path as I’m not a strongly biased person.  I obviously have my own opinions about many topics but I would treat each client with dignity and respect regardless of the issue; drug addiction, rape, abuse, vain, depressed, ect.

History – I have recently found that I do not know as much as I would like to know about the history of the world and things around me.  So this would be something I’d defiantly be interested in as a minor or take a few classes on.

Early Childhood – I love children and an early childhood degree would primarily dominate the pre-K generation of children.  But do I want to do that for a career?  What will happen when I have children? I want to be able to devote my entire self to my children and not be “worn out” from being with children all day.

Teacher/Education – I’ve always dreamed of being a teacher ever since I was in 2nd grade.  There are so many aspects I love about it, I would need a whole new blog to write in.  Teaching would be different than and Early Childhood degree as Teaching, I feel, is more structured and to the book.  Whereas an Early Childhood degree would honestly depend on the center or location at which you teach.  If I chose this route, I would need to first decide on Elementary (K-3) or Middle (K-6) Education.  Both have great potential and opportunity.

Designing – Although I’ve never had as much money as I’d like to design my own living spaces, I do find that I love decorating, re-arranging, painting, ect.  I walk into many rooms and my head just goes crazy with ideas that I have and if I had the resources I’d be able to turn every room I see into a sea of magic.  Seeing as I’ve never gotten to actually do it, is is feasible?  I would never be as visionary as the shows you see on TV but I do hold a general sense of how things should work.  Is this going to be a livable space, romantic, breezy, oceanic?  Is this something that I could work towards or is it just a dream?

English – I know that I’m not an expert on the English language but I do enjoy it and I find myself correcting grammatical errors that irritate the shit out of me.  This could go along with teaching but having said that, would I be more interested in middle school or high school?  Seeing as High School would be more interesting in retrospect, I do believe that would involve more schooling.

H.S Teacher – I just added this one as a random thought, I do love the learning years of early childhood but than with the English topic I began to think of the joy the High School world could be.  Key word there is ‘could’ as I know there are an awful lot of students that do not appreciate the education world and I think I’d be discouraged by that but would the bright scholars of each class motivate me to be an amazing teacher?

Success – Ultimately, I want to feel accomplished and successful.  I know I’m smart and that’s honestly my main issue with everything recently.  I don’t want to just get a job that anyone can get.  I WANT to go back to school and obtain a degree for myself to show myself and the world that I am as intelligent and witty as I know I am.  I want people to look up at me as a role model. When looking for a job, I want to be one of the few people that can actually apply because I meet all of the requirements.  I want to earn it, not just slip into it because I have the smarts and great interview skills.  I want to be remembered.