We took a much needed getaway yesterday and it was fantastic!  2011 was probably our hardest year, we had ups and downs both personally and professionally.  It was hard for us to deal with it on our own let alone together.  But, since 2012 is now here, we are going to try to do things that make us happy.  I know that just one day to Bemidji sounds like something small but for us it was big because for the longest time we only had enough money to pay bills and try not to suffocate each other by being together 24/7.  
We went thrift and pawn store shopping, just a simple day.  I think it was the quality time we got with each other that made it special and we were able to re-kindle that lovey, dovey, moment sharing thing people crave.  It was kind of a reminder of why and what we love about each other. ❤