Four Years.

I’m going to make this brief because I tend to ramble and it’s like following the yellow brick road. Tomorrow, July 11th will mark four years of courtship.  We’ve defiantly been down the darkest of alleys, ran up the steepest hills, and fallen between the slightest of cracks; but through all that stands love.  To those who have faced love square in the nose, you know it’s not always easy.  Really, it shouldn’t be.  Love tests boundaries, those boundaries in turn help you to realize, accept, and understand the true meaning of it.  We are far from perfect and have issues just like any other couple but at the end of the day we were never truely ready to give up on the beauty of us.  He gives the best hugs.  He makes me laugh until I feel like I’m going to piss in my pants.  He listens, helps me through everything, and is my strong-hold.  He knows what to say and when to say it.  He’s him, and I love him.  <3

Friday The 13th.

Today was just plain annoying.  Every chatty Kathy and dumbass Dave needed to be hit with a broom stick today.  Seriously, we get paid damn good to work, get things done, and leave at 5 knowing the rest of our workload can wait until Monday.  We get the best insurance and health coverage a person could ask for and are guaranteed job security.  Instead, half the nimrods I’m forced to sit with gossip all day and bitch about how boring it is or how drunk they got last night.  Well than quit and work the drive-through at McD’s.  These people have clearly never had a horse-shit job to appreciate how good we have it.  Is it terrible to say that the most stressful part of my job is the people I have to sit by?  My god.
Angry Cat