Destiny or Fate?

Do you ever wonder why you were born the way you are?  Destined to the life you’ve lived?  Thrown the cards you didn’t want?  Why the opportunities you’ve had are slim to none in comparison to your peers?  Why the decisions you’ve had to make are not the ones you wanted to choose?  They say life isn’t fair; there’re right.  You’re either delt shit or you’re delt life, no one is ever delt harmony.  Do you ever dream knowing that no matter how realistic you’re dreams are, that some will never come true?  Why you wish well to ones that are blessed and it’s obvious well is never wished upon you?  Why you’re born with an ugly body but have a “great personality?”  Told that shooting stars are wishes granted?  Have you ever just wanted to start over with life in general?  I have.  Not because my life is terrible or going downhill but because my current life is the leftovers of someone great.  I’m fully capable of my aspirations but they are not being achieved at the rate I’d hoped.  My career, education, relationships both in love and friends, my outer image, my home, my everything isn’t satisfying the landscape of the life I’d dremt of.  Why?