New You Three.

So far, March has been difficult.  I don’t have a reason or excuse; I just need a kick in the ass and to be put back on track.  I have an appointment tomorrow with a trainer at the gym to sign up and I think that’ll make a huge difference and HOPEFULLY will be a turning point in my New You, New Year lifestyle.
New You March Resolutions:
1 – Join a gym
2 – Stop buying food at work
3 – Make candy/chips a “treat”
I’m a little late on this months list; I should make being on time a resolution!  I must say that February’s list was pretty challenging but I’m still doing everything that I can to keep on track.  My largest challenge has been trying to cut out my Mountain Dew addiction.  Throughout last month tons of overtime and early morning Saturdays took up a majority of my time which led to dose after dose of caffeine.  When I look back on the month, I went more days without pop than I did with pop but it still is disappointing knowing that I couldn’t stick to it as much as I had wished.  However, I’ve been doing great with eating breakfast at home and incorporating more fruits and vegis into my diet.  I’m also doing awesome with January’s goals as well!  I don’t weigh myself as I’ve learned through the giant yo-yo of life that it’s more depressing than anything to not see a scale move and if it does; it tends to be up rather than down.  BUT, I have noticed that I feel alot better about myself and have had way more energy, especially in the morning!

New You.

So, instead of the usual “New Years’ Resolutions,” I decided to choose a more realistic route as I’m one of the many who give up on January 2nd.  I made a spreadsheet of the twelve months along with three new things each month to better myself.  Each month I tack on an additional three things to help my outer-self become closer to the way I feel on the inside.
For January my “New You Resolutions” are: 
1 – Save $10 out of every paycheck
2 – Keep a food diary
3 – Take a vitamin everyday
I started this on the 9th of this month and so far have been doing amazing!  I write down everything I eat even if it’s way too much or unhealthy.  Since the month started, I’ve noticed that I have been “snacking” a little bit less because when I look at the day before I feel disgusted at how much I ate.  I take a vitamin the second I wake up so I don’t forget; they are in my nightstand.  As for the $10 per paycheck; you’ll have to see once December rolls around!  I’ll post the three new things each month to add onto the previous month.  I’m hoping that this approach will help me to become a happier, healthier person!