Holidaze (2020)

Holidaze: Food for thought.

Last weekend my immediate family gathered together at my brother’s place in Horace. My grandma Rita joined in on the fun too, which was a sweet (sorta planned) surprise. Usually she finds herself at my Uncle Troy’s but due to everyone’s comfortability with health and whatnot, that just wasn’t in the cards. We did the […]

Holidaze: A letter a day is rare, they say.

A few months ago, I gifted my mom a book called 100 Life Challenges. It’s a fill-in-the-blank type calendar full of (100 to be exact) 30-day challenges, introducing the concept of developing good habits and at a time like this, Lord knows we could all do with some healthy new norms. I can sometimes be […]

Holidaze: Thanksgiving

The day of the turkey has come and gone. I’m sorry to report that a not a flake of snow was in sight nor has it been this entire “winter.” Though, I suppose it’s fitting; a brown Thanksgiving. The color scheme for those that decorate their homes for the fall involve a lot of browns […]


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