I ‘Ate My Life

You’ll learn about my progress to success in my newest blog venture. I ‘Ate My Life is 100% focused on my journey to a lighter and healthier human being. I’ll make no promises on this journey because I have no idea how it’ll end. To read, catch up on, or follow I ‘Ate My Life, click here. Thanks for reading!

Taken from I ‘Ate My Life About Page: “To sum myself up in a few short sentences: My name is Orianah but everyone calls me Ori. I’m a 25 year old dreamer that wants to travel the world, get married, buy a house, and have children – in that order. My mom is my biggest fan and my best friend. I love to write (blog), take photographs, and create art in multiple mediums. I’m fat, overweight, obese, whatever you want to call it. I hate the words bigger, plump, and husky because they’re insulting and you’re not “being nice” by saying it. At any moment, I can dive back into Mountain Dew and Snicker bar induced comas with the snap of a finger.  I can binge eat at almost any fast food restaurant you mention. It’s a disease. But I’m worth it and I can’t stop fighting. This is my story.”

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