Day 2: Badminton Anyone?

My feet hurt because I’m a lazy pants most of the days of my life. And I’m tired. We were up and out by 6 this morning. “Uffda” as my grandma would say.

Today’s post is short. We spent the day in Kansas City, MO. I took a bunch of pictures I’ll probably never print like usual. Most of them are posted below but you can check me out on the Insta to see the rest @orianoelle.

P.S. I’m further south then yesterday. Already broke my own record. Boo ya.








Christmas In July.

10488215_10152518733063363_7056823897675192397_nI wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the holiday weekend. Or, week I should say. The last Sunday in June through July 3rd, we stayed at a quaint little Catholic bible resort through the Diocese of Crookston. I’m assuming the Diocese has camps for kids that run throughout the summer based off of all the hand-written and carved names in the lodge. But for this 4-day getaway, it was reserved for our extended family only. No one else.

10442440_10152518723093363_715589565184503715_nUnfortunately the first two days were filled with chilly off and on rainy weather. It definitely got everyone’s spirits down because for most of us, it’s the only time that we’ll get a vacation in the calendar year. I’d like to say that we made the most of it, which we did, but we definitely got restless watching the white caps form on the little lake knowing that it was too rough for canoes and too cold to swim.
10446556_10152518802578363_3928342290805872018_nWednesday came as soon as it could. The weather let up and the real fun began! Fishing, swimming, driving a boat for the first time, finding out that I possess zero sense of balance in a canoe, laughing, scavenger hunts, s’mores…the list goes on.

Thursday we packed up and headed down the twisty road to Lake Itasca. We mosied our way through the biggest state park that I’ve ever been to. Checked out the beach, visited a pioneer cemetery and crossed the Mississippi Headwaters. It was really beautiful and peaceful.

10400844_10152518740063363_8975642485060600810_nFriday we traveled a bit further to Bemidji to see C’s sisters and nephew. The town had a carnival going on for the 4th of July. I can definitely tell that I’ve grown up and slightly outgrown the fair scene. I still like it. I love hearing the kids laughing and the rides spinning. I still laugh when the carny’s attempt to sweet talk you into playing a game. But man oh man, I don’t miss the crowd. I don’t miss the push and shove and the nasty looks if you’re in the way. When we were younger we must have been too excited to notice the amount of people crowded into such a small dirty area.

10418425_10152518751188363_6484200687791014883_nSeeing C’s nephew was an absolute delight. He’s 3 1/2 now and hilarious as can be. We watched the fireworks right on shore of Lake Bemidji. They were beautiful and he loved the heck out of them!

I won’t bore you with much more. I kind of just wanted to mention the highlights of our trip because memories so quickly become forgotten. I hope you had a happy 4th with friends and family.

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What Do You Like To Do?

In the meantime of pursuing lifelong and longterm goals; I realized that I also don’t do the things I love anymore. I have no idea what’s happened over the last few years. Laziness? Lack of self pride? Pity? Depression? I don’t have an answer to what seems to be a ridiculous question but again, I’m about to change that. I want to delve into life again so help me out. Share my life, share my story through this blog and via Twitter (@orianoelle).

I don’t write as often as I want and I definitely don’t write as freely as I’d prefer. Every time I pull the brutally honest card on life, people get absolutely bent out of shape. I’m obviously aware that this is bound to happen but the moments that it does is over the most incredibly ridiculous things by the most incompetent people who can barely spell the entirety of a sentence correctly. Screw them. I’m not going to put a mask on for my readers to protect me from a few silly-wibblies whose brains are too small to see the gift in all forms of art.
Photography: I used to bring my camera everywhere and thankfully with the continuous updating of cell phones, I can always have a camera with me and I take pictures at all possible times. However, I’ve fallen way behind on appreciating the photography that I take. I haven’t truly edited beyond an Instagram filter in a good three years. When my brother asked me to take his senior pictures a few weeks ago I was both honored and terrified. I need to update on my editing skills and push out some great photos. Here goes nothing!
Scrap Booking: Who doesn’t love scrap booking? It’s an amazing way to take every picture that you love, include your imagination and result in a awesome page of memories. This again with many of my other “loves” has slipped away from me. I no longer have all of my old supplies and at the moment I have no where to work had I had it in the first place but I need to dive into it again. I crave it!
Pottery: I don’t think I’ve done anything pottery related since high school but I loved it. It’s so relaxing and gives the artist absolute control over a piece of amoeba shaped clay going from nothing to something deep inside their imaginative soul. There’s a pottery studio here in town that an old friend of mine and I will be hitting up within the next few months. I can’t wait!
Foreign Languages: I’ve always been fascinated in the world, in history, and in language of all kinds. I never wanted to learn Spanish because everyone seems to know it and I have no desire to really travel to any Latino or Spanish speaking countries. I just don’t. However, French has always peaked an interest. I WILL one day become a world traveler but what’s the point if I can’t speak to anyone in their native language? I think Rosetta Stone is in my near future.
Cheers to making dreams come true and living out even the smallest of desires!

Vine VS. Instagram.

In case you’ve slept through the last 24 hours you’ve probably heard of the new phenomenon. Well, it’s not really a phenomenon due to its obviously stolen features but Team Facebook (Instagram) just launched video Instagramming, which was released yesterday. Whereas Team Twitter (Vine) has been out for roughly half a year.
I admit, at first, I was excited about this Insta Video thing. Instagram is pretty legit;  little square photos that you can add filters too, rotate, brighten, and blur is great. Outstanding really. Being a partner with Facebook isn’t too shabby either.
Vine on the other hand was ahead of the pack to begin with in the video sense. I first heard about it in April and downloaded it right away. It’s 100% video. No special editing, just a quick 6 seconds, and POW you’ve got a clip. It’s extremely user friendly and has a simple (and that’s all you need) layout. If you fuck up, just exit and start over.

Here’s where the trouble came along, Instagram now has videos. Go figure. You know the Facebook Corporation just can’t let someone else have a little glory. The reason I was so excited to start off with was because I enjoy Instagram. The video capability has two unique features: filters and a cover photo. Both pretty sweet if you ask me but after messing around with it for a few hours last night. That’s really about it.
It has 15 seconds rather than 6. You might be saying, but that’s better; it’s longer! No. Six seconds on Vine is the perfect amount of time. Sure, on Vine, you could use 7 or 8 seconds once in a blue moon but six is clearly the golden number and its working. 15 on Insta is way too long. My biggest and most prominent complain with Insta Video is this: I made and messed with about 10-12 videos last night. I think I “posted” seven. Funny thing is the fucker wouldn’t “process.” So all that time that I took to conjure up a video, make it perfect with lighting, voice, and look..they never proceed! Man was I pissed.
Maybe I’m just going on my first impressions but first impressions are the only ones that really matter right? The bottom line is: Instagram = Photos, Vine = Videos, and while I’m at it Twitter = Hashtags and Facebook is just jealous that the world is evolving.
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Check Up.

I don’t write as nearly often as I should and as I planned on. Sure, I have topics to discuss but it almost always seems like a nuisance to pull out the laptop. I’m tip tap typing in my phone and it’s just a pain the the ass. 
I’ve been focusing on a personal goal recently circling all around the book I’m writing. It’s currently under wraps and I haven’t decided upon a date to release any information on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of what I’m doing but I also want this to be something I successfully finish thus the waiting period.  
A few topics I’d like to give a extremely brief who-ha to: 
1. Gay Marriage in Minnesota! A congratulatory hooray for the LBGT community is much deserved! Everyone is and should be entitled to openly express their love for another person. I mean Christ, if Mormons can have multiple wives than why can’t a lesbian have just one?
2. Boston, West, and Moore. Although thankfully none are related, all are tragic. My heart goes out to the victims, the families, and the on-lookers. I couldn’t imagine anything even remotely similar to ever happen and I just pray that time will heal all wounds and happy memories will fill the holes in broken hearts. 
3. Jodi Arias Trial. Thank The Lord above that it’s almost over. It appeared to be the most publicly drawn out annoyance since Casey Anthony. Unfortunately Anthony was found innocent; but I’m very pleased with the jury to rule a guilty plea for the obnoxiously manipulative Arias. I have conflicting views on the death penalty in comparison to popular opinion but knowing that she’s not physically free roaming the streets will suffice for me. 
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I suppose that’s all for now. ✌