Pandemication (2020)

Day 7: What I learned.

I typically do a sweet little recap titled “What I learned” after each trip. This adventure’s summary is a little different but I think it’s still legit: PSA: The anxieties and situational depression that made itself quite comfy and at home the last few months has been all sorts of real. Quarantine, the world falling […]

Day 6: Admiring God’s handiwork.

As I write this in my travel notebook that I’ll later transcribe, I’m soaking my feet in Lake McDonald a ways down from the noise. Kids and parents alike are skipping rocks in the distance giving the water the pretties of dimples. Life is good in this moment. Tomorrow I’m heading back home and am […]

Day 5: A bear, a raft, and a lake all walk into a bar..

Yesterday, I physically pushed myself past the point of exhaustion so I started the day out pretty easy breezy by sleeping in. Note, I went to bed around 8:00 last night and didn’t get going until 10:00 today. Whoops! It’s vaca though, right?! So it’s fine. It’s fine! I made my way to Polebridge, MT […]

Day 4: Going to the Sun Road.

Its 7:30 pm. I left my rustic little cabin over 14 hours ago to head east on Going to the Sun Road. Many a miles were hiked today and I may be suffering from a minor heat stroke so this is a short journal entry but filled to the brim with the most wonderful of […]

Day 3: Trail of Bravery.

A Dirt in my Shoes itinerary started my morning. First up was Trail of Cedars. It’s a short .8 mile loop and most of it is on a well-maintained boardwalk. When I pulled up, I was the first and only car. No biggie, I thought. Then I saw a sign noting that the connecting trail […]

Day 2: Judith Gap, Mont.

I’m officially dubbing lil’ Judith Gap the cutest town name in America. Not only does it now hold this world renowned title, but it’s flippin’ picturesque to boot. Judy G, as I like to refer to her, overlooks the rolling hills full of hay bales and way off in a far away land, you can […]

Day 1: World’s Longest Car Karaoke Ride.

Okay, NoDak, I see you! I’ve lived in the Red River Valley off and on for quite some time but never ventured much further west than Jamestown which really isn’t that far. Like, Paul Bunyan could skip a rock from Minnesota to Jamestown. Today, that changed. I made it to Jamestown pretty quick but nearly […]

Pre-Trip Feels.

Oye! I’m about to sound like a broken record so buckle up, guys! As the years progress, each “Pre-Trip Feels” post gets more and more frantic and is filled with more and more anxiety than the time before. You’d think the opposite would be true but it’s not. Is this what getting older feels like? […]