Series Pieces

Updated 09-10-2020

This blog has been alive and (sorta) well for many years. Think, 2012. Holy crapoli. Over the last couple, I’ve tried to hone in on a theme. I used to jump around all over the place from music reviews to raves about how cool my brother is to vague sad rambles about the going’s on in life. There was no rhyme or reason to anything. And honestly, I should probably weed through them one day because I can’t imagine what is on this site if you dig, ha! #pleasedont But, throughout the learning process of blogging and finding relief in writing, I found that series pieces with a common theme bring me closest to a level of satisfaction in my life.

P.S. One thing I HATE about WordPress is that everything is in chrono order backwards so, with the exception of the “Creative Writing” pieces, it’s best to scroll to the bottom to get the full range of a stories aka series.

  • Creative Writing | This started out as an outlet to write about something other than life but morphed into my version of taking a stab at poetry. The pieces written the last couple of years are the writings I’m most proud of, even more than those of my travels. They are also the most painful and beautiful and difficult to read. I hope to perform some of these live someday or officially publish, like, in a book. A book that sits on the perfectly curated living room side table in some cute boho-chic-but-kinda-hipster’s minimalist home in Brooklyn.
  • Travel Pieces | Omgerrrrd! There are so many and I LOVE IT. No description needed other than PLZ scroll to the very bottom and start from Day 1. It’s the only way.
  • The Yearly Reflection | Each year on or around the 1st of Jan, like every other cliché basic bitch, I sum up my year and sometimes fantasize about resolutions for the year to come.
  • 12 Days of Christmas | Christmas is my jam, yo. I haven’t done this one in quite a few years but it’s a fun series to look back on. Hopefully I’ll reignite this one when I find my twin flame (or soulmate) and make all the babies. I have so many ideas!
  • COMING SOON: My Faith Story | It’s all in my head. I can’t seem to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Stay tuned.
  • COMING SOON: Unglued | A whimsical weekend in 2019. I insta-blogged about this one and just need to take an hour or two to throw it in here.

xoxo -Ori

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