We Are Pioneers.


Did I mention that Channing and I went to a concert on Sunday? The Band Perry? Must have slipped my mind. I’m not busy or anything. Did you sense the sarcasm? Probably not since we’re all sucked into our computers. Normal human emotion will be nonexistent in 30 years. Maybe less, but who’s counting down the days?

It almost makes me worry about starting a family with the speed of the growing digital age. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to be a mother. I’m slowly accepting the fact that maybe I need to live a little more and dive into a greater chunk of life experiences before finally settling down and popping out some sweet babies but don’t you ever think about it?

When I was 12, I had a crush or two. We’d giggle and gawk over the boys in the halls. We’d act as immature as ever and still make snow forts during recess. Hell, we still had recess. Now, the couple 12 year olds that I’ve come across are glued to their phones just like us 20-somethings. Do they even have recess anymore? Do they know what Double-Dutch is?

I had my first boyfriend when I was in 8th grade and go figure that only lasted a month. It wasn’t even a comfortable relationship. Even at that age, I knew it didn’t feel right and I wasn’t “old” enough. Let the kids grow up and stop throwing around the word love so much. Where did this nonchalant dating thing come from? I bet it was Snapchat.

But how can we slow down kids acting older than they are? If we’re truly being honest with ourselves; a kid without a phone these days would be an outcast. It wouldn’t be the equivalent of me getting the four stripped sneakers from Pamida instead of the Adidas that were in style. It would be catastrophic. “No phone? But I’m 12, you can’t do that!” I can just hear it now. Poor parents.

It doesn’t even begin there. We went to Olive Garden for dinner tonight and a little girl – she couldn’t have been anymore than a year and a half – was sitting in her high chair holding, who I’m assuming is her father, his smartphone watching some cartoon. Really, guy? Really? Before you jump off the deep end, trust me, I’ll probably be that same guy I’m complaining about when we finally get ready to have babies but it’s just crazy to think that kids are so much “older” at the same age that we think they should be.

The biggest benefit in this is hoping on the future that the introduction to all these gadgets and advancement at an early age will increase brain activity and produce a more intelligent generation but what else will it bring? Social disfunction? Of course it will. Being a 20-something now, I’ve already been exposed to the digital age at the slow pace from about age 11 to present time but that was one thing after another, we had time to balance real life with the outside world floating in thin air. Now it’s right there, it’s the first thing parents jump to to keep the kids quiet. It’s the first thing dad shoves in your face when you’re being noisy at supper. It’s the first bribe your given when you won’t clean your room.

Is there really a right way to do it anymore? Who knows. I could only hope that we as a generation don’t forget to teach our open hearted children to be kids. Teach them to live and to explore. Teach them to communicate not just to talk. Teach them to grow.  Good luck, we’ll need it.

“I TRIPLE-Dog-Dare Ya!”

water in back

So, I finished editing photos for my brothers senior pictures and the proofs are printed. I’ll be going home this weekend to show them to my mom and brother so they can decide on the ones they like. I wonder if artists are the most critical of critics when it comes to their own work. Like I said before, when it comes to taking photographs of people, I’m definitely an amateur and I really don’t know if my opinion of the final results are very high. You be the judge.

bw 2014

On another note, I’ve been very actively practicing patience. Overall, I’m a pretty patient person in most situations. But with the stress of life over the last few months, my patience has been on the back burner because quite frankly, I just don’t have time for that. In turn, the obvious reaction was held in stress. I’m tired of that. So the last couple days, I’ve been taking a deep breath and moving forward. I can definitely tell when I’m trying to be more patient in comparison to just doing things myself and keeping it bottled up. It really does feel good.

Did you hear that once again schools were either two hours late or cancelled? Can you say ridiculous?! I made the mistake of posting a status about it on Facebook and a couple of pansies got flustered. Quite some time ago, I decided to withdraw my Facebook presence and put it more towards Twitter. I have so many co-workers, family, old friends, and judgmental people on my Facebook just like I’m sure everyone else does. It’s pretty silly really; how bent out of shape people get. No one ever says anything on positive, uplifting statuses but the second someone makes a valid point, everyone cries. I respect the value of an opinion, believe me, I’m the queen of opinions but the ignorance of some people is just appalling. I don’t see it often anymore because I hardly put “statuses” on FB but people are so confrontational. It just makes them look stupid.

As I am a very opinionated person, I too, have a mouth full to say but I don’t. I try my best to keep it to myself because I’m not looking for a fight, I just simply have things to say. Not because I don’t want to be heard but quite frankly, most of the arguments that would arise wouldn’t be worth my time. So many people (myself probably included at times) are uneducated. For example, my “issue” resulting in today’s post was really just saying that as a general whole, us (i.e Minnesotans and North Dakotans) can’t really claim to be rough, tough, Viking warriors anymore because as soon as a flake is in the sky or the temperature dips below 0, everyone runs and hides. That’s it. I didn’t “bash” anyone, I was just saying.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.16.50 PM

Today, many schools were cancelled for the millionth time this winter-y season because of a blizzard. What blizzard? Sure, country roads were probably crudy but aren’t they always? My entire life, I lived in the country so I’m not some ignorant city girl that can’t comprehend the consequences of a blizzard. But did they really need to cancel school in the city of Grand Forks? Tell me, what percentage of kids actually live in the country, the real country? Not across town or three miles out. I’m talking the 20-minute, probably dangerous drive? Few. So, why the hell was school cancelled? Everyone that had the “balls” to go out of their house today had to have laughed until they cried. The roads and visibility were fine. Typical middle of January weather.

christmas story

Kids these days will be lucky if they survive the real world. Not only are they being taught to pull over when it sprinkles out but they aren’t even going to get quality education much longer. I don’t think we even had a snow day in the last three years that I was in high school. I know, I know, I’m not a mom. I don’t understand, whatever. In cases like today, parents should just use their own discretion when sending their children to school. If it was really going to be a treacherous drive than fine, stay home. But if you have any common sense, you’d know how to bundle your children up for winter just like “A Christmas Story.”

Lets stop wussing out people.