189,302,400 Seconds.

Today marks year number 6 with this gem. It’s crazy to think about the last 6 years and to see how much we’ve both evolved. The experiences we’ve shared, the moments we’ve cherished. The trials, heartache, and joy we’ve been through. Together. And most of all to see the love that is the glue that holds us together, it’s in one word, unexplainable. (If that even is a word)


I love you s’much, C.

Did you know…
That we’ve been together for 6 years?
That’s 73 months.
Or 313 weeks.
It equals out to be 2,191 days.
Or 52,584 hours.
Did you know that’s 3,155,040 minutes?!
Or better yet, 189,302,400 seconds.

Ours Is Real.

I’ve seen a lot of articles circulating social media the last few months about healthy relationships and facts about “real” couples. It seems to be a bunch of bologna if I’m going to be blunt about it. They are all full of butterflies and fantasies that they claim to last beyond the stage of puppy dog love. If it’s true than shit, I’m in the wrong relationship but it just seems bogus. Other than the random millionaire that can afford a dozen roses 12 times a year, Coach bags, and 5-course dinners spur of the moment, the lust stage, as I call it, eventually fades and real love sets in.

Although I’m no expert on love, relationships, or people in general; that’s where I believe most relationships end. When you start peeling away the mask you’ve put on since day one. The extra makeup, the extensions, the sexy pajamas. All that superficial stuff doesn’t last forever, sorry guys. And ladies, he’s not always going to put the toilet seat down, he’s not going to stay clean shaven every day. Sometimes instead of changing his underwear, he’ll turn them inside out. And if you can’t accept it, than I guess that’s when you start the process all over again.

Our sixth anniversary of “at first sight” dating is soon approaching and I don’t know what to do to celebrate it. Although I’m one of those cliche hopeless romantics and would love a beautiful bouquet of flowers, chocolates, a hotel suite with a hot tub, complementary wine, and heck maybe even a ring..I know it probably won’t happen. He’s a little more laid back (times 30) than that. On a side note because if anyone is reading this some would replace my term of “laid back” with “cheap.” Sure, cheap is a usable word I guess. But flowers do die, keeping the electricity on is more important than a luxury hotel, and have you been in a jewelry store lately? Cha-ching.

So, the last handful of years haven’t been necessarily memorable or anything on the anniversary front. That doesn’t go to say that they weren’t cherished though. Coming up here to our sixth, I’m not sure what to do. I’ve heard that healthy relationships thrive on surprises and excitement. Which we definitely lack but is that such a bad thing? We have full time jobs, bills, responsibilities. Are we in a rut? I wouldn’t call it that. I’d call it life with a partner.

We are at the point (and have been for a few years) where we don’t need to “impress” each other. We don’t need to put on a facade of the “better us” because we accept each other for our faults just as well as we do for the best qualities in our personalities. There’s no reason to it. We’re completely ourselves around one another.

With that being said: How do you make your anniversary any more special than the day before? I’d love to hear some ideas.

The Seahawks Won.

I’m sitting in the living room filled with the hoo-rahs of the Super Bowl on the turned up sound bar. Channing’s been talking to the TV for hours and I have just surrounded myself in a little bubble. I typed up my previous post a couple days ago, edited it and posted it today. So this one might be a little off from the other. It is what it is though.


Anyways, sitting here, semi-listening to what Channing’s been blabbing about in football speak for some reason is calming. He’s such a goof sometimes but he really does complete me. I know it sounds cheesy but until you find that in life you probably don’t have any idea what I mean. We sometimes drive each other nuts but it’d be difficult to imagine my life without him.

Last weekend, I summarized my week of events. This week nothing too exciting actually happened. I was busier than I usually am on the work front so most anything that I accomplished was talking about my future, our future, with each other. My other half has made some pretty big strides in the last seven days and has been offered a great opportunity. It’s still a work in progress but things are finally looking up for him after a long stressful two years of constant let downs.

Happy February everyone!

Who Inspires You?

It’s hard to fathom the amount of inspiring people that this world holds. Although I don’t have a lot of people in my inner circle of life; the people I’ve met along the way are all different kinds of inspirational.


In my journey to adulthood I’ve met people that have had cancer and survived it – multiple times. I know a chick that never let her size prevent her from having the time of her life. I went to college with a girl would one day go on to spread awareness about the victimized within the Catholic church. I know mothers and fathers with beautiful (on the inside and out) children born with disabilities and embraced it. I know LGBT men and women that have stood up to and defended themselves in the presence of bigots. I’m in love with a man that was forced to stay strong through a very painful criminal case. I know a woman that could have easily died while giving childbirth. I know a kid that dropped everything to better his life and succeeded in doing so.

There are so many people that have passed through my life, in what some cases only seemed like a two minute span, but that doesn’t make them any less inspirational. If you demonstrate any quality from strength to power to controlling your own life to never giving up than you too are an inspiration to many. There is no predetermined mold for what will define you in life and there never will be. But if you face your fears and never give up, you’ll form your own mold and path in life in whichever way you choose.

The people that have come and gone in my life continually teach me to be kind and empathetic. They teach me to reach for the unreachable and strive for the best. They show me on a regular basis that they matter and so should I. They prove the discouraging wrong and stand up to what’s right. They hold the key to the many definitions of what I strive to be.

Who inspires you?