Christmas In July.

10488215_10152518733063363_7056823897675192397_nI wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the holiday weekend. Or, week I should say. The last Sunday in June through July 3rd, we stayed at a quaint little Catholic bible resort through the Diocese of Crookston. I’m assuming the Diocese has camps for kids that run throughout the summer based off of all the hand-written and carved names in the lodge. But for this 4-day getaway, it was reserved for our extended family only. No one else.

10442440_10152518723093363_715589565184503715_nUnfortunately the first two days were filled with chilly off and on rainy weather. It definitely got everyone’s spirits down because for most of us, it’s the only time that we’ll get a vacation in the calendar year. I’d like to say that we made the most of it, which we did, but we definitely got restless watching the white caps form on the little lake knowing that it was too rough for canoes and too cold to swim.
10446556_10152518802578363_3928342290805872018_nWednesday came as soon as it could. The weather let up and the real fun began! Fishing, swimming, driving a boat for the first time, finding out that I possess zero sense of balance in a canoe, laughing, scavenger hunts, s’mores…the list goes on.

Thursday we packed up and headed down the twisty road to Lake Itasca. We mosied our way through the biggest state park that I’ve ever been to. Checked out the beach, visited a pioneer cemetery and crossed the Mississippi Headwaters. It was really beautiful and peaceful.

10400844_10152518740063363_8975642485060600810_nFriday we traveled a bit further to Bemidji to see C’s sisters and nephew. The town had a carnival going on for the 4th of July. I can definitely tell that I’ve grown up and slightly outgrown the fair scene. I still like it. I love hearing the kids laughing and the rides spinning. I still laugh when the carny’s attempt to sweet talk you into playing a game. But man oh man, I don’t miss the crowd. I don’t miss the push and shove and the nasty looks if you’re in the way. When we were younger we must have been too excited to notice the amount of people crowded into such a small dirty area.

10418425_10152518751188363_6484200687791014883_nSeeing C’s nephew was an absolute delight. He’s 3 1/2 now and hilarious as can be. We watched the fireworks right on shore of Lake Bemidji. They were beautiful and he loved the heck out of them!

I won’t bore you with much more. I kind of just wanted to mention the highlights of our trip because memories so quickly become forgotten. I hope you had a happy 4th with friends and family.

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The 45th Day Of The Year.

I’m a little behind on the Valentine’s Day buzz but I figured it’d still be worth it to post. I’ve actually been noticing that I think of perfect blog ideas when I’m most busy which undoubtedly leads me to forgetting about it until later. In this case, five days later.


Up to the days leading to the big VD, I found myself getting into a frenzy making sure to “remind” my boyfriend of the day and it’s importance. I also (like a psycho) looked at engagement rings on all the big sites and through the stores around town. WHY do I do that to myself? Of course, I dream of romance and would love a ring on my finger…someday. But what is it about the pink heart filled month that steers me right into the cliche of February the 14th?

I guess it’s society’s fault. Some females would rather an engagement happen spontaneously on some random day but I’m a little old fashioned and have always dreamt of a man on his knee a month an a half into the New Year. I’ll probably always dream of it and fantasize every year and it’ll probably never happen but that’s life right?


Whenever it does happen I’ll obviously be more than thrilled but it almost irritates me that somehow, somewhere along the way the thought of Valentine’s day leads to so many unrealistic expectations of the men (or women) in our lives.

And flowers! Don’t even get me started on flowers. Every year I tell myself that: 1. I’m not getting flowers. Channing isn’t the “flower” type. And…2. What a waste of money. Why spend $40-$100 on something that is going to die in a matter of days. Well, I guess they could last two weeks if you pop some little blue pills into it’s water (which actually is a fact, thank you Discovery Channel) but who has those lying around? Definitely not a 27 year old. Dun dun dun!

I should add that I had a lovely Valentines evening. We went to dinner at our favorite pizza joint in town and grabbed a movie afterwards. Even though I didn’t “get” a ring or flowers, I was still adorned and gave lots of hugs, kisses, and ‘I love yous.’ That’s what matters most.

Happy 4 days later, everyone!

The Seahawks Won.

I’m sitting in the living room filled with the hoo-rahs of the Super Bowl on the turned up sound bar. Channing’s been talking to the TV for hours and I have just surrounded myself in a little bubble. I typed up my previous post a couple days ago, edited it and posted it today. So this one might be a little off from the other. It is what it is though.


Anyways, sitting here, semi-listening to what Channing’s been blabbing about in football speak for some reason is calming. He’s such a goof sometimes but he really does complete me. I know it sounds cheesy but until you find that in life you probably don’t have any idea what I mean. We sometimes drive each other nuts but it’d be difficult to imagine my life without him.

Last weekend, I summarized my week of events. This week nothing too exciting actually happened. I was busier than I usually am on the work front so most anything that I accomplished was talking about my future, our future, with each other. My other half has made some pretty big strides in the last seven days and has been offered a great opportunity. It’s still a work in progress but things are finally looking up for him after a long stressful two years of constant let downs.

Happy February everyone!

Who Inspires You?

It’s hard to fathom the amount of inspiring people that this world holds. Although I don’t have a lot of people in my inner circle of life; the people I’ve met along the way are all different kinds of inspirational.


In my journey to adulthood I’ve met people that have had cancer and survived it – multiple times. I know a chick that never let her size prevent her from having the time of her life. I went to college with a girl would one day go on to spread awareness about the victimized within the Catholic church. I know mothers and fathers with beautiful (on the inside and out) children born with disabilities and embraced it. I know LGBT men and women that have stood up to and defended themselves in the presence of bigots. I’m in love with a man that was forced to stay strong through a very painful criminal case. I know a woman that could have easily died while giving childbirth. I know a kid that dropped everything to better his life and succeeded in doing so.

There are so many people that have passed through my life, in what some cases only seemed like a two minute span, but that doesn’t make them any less inspirational. If you demonstrate any quality from strength to power to controlling your own life to never giving up than you too are an inspiration to many. There is no predetermined mold for what will define you in life and there never will be. But if you face your fears and never give up, you’ll form your own mold and path in life in whichever way you choose.

The people that have come and gone in my life continually teach me to be kind and empathetic. They teach me to reach for the unreachable and strive for the best. They show me on a regular basis that they matter and so should I. They prove the discouraging wrong and stand up to what’s right. They hold the key to the many definitions of what I strive to be.

Who inspires you?

What Did We Do Before Smartphones?

That’s easy. We lived a little more and cared a little less. We might not have appreciated the finer things but looking back, I wish we would have.

So I know that one of my goals was to blog every day and I have been except for yesterday. On Saturday, I saw that two different people were taking a hiatus from social media for an entire month. Holy shit, right? An entire month! I don’t know if I’m mentally able to do that quite yet but I thought it’d be interesting to stay disconnected for one day and I did.

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be but sadly it wasn’t easy. My boyfriend and I went and did a few things around town and I kept busy. I window shopped and walked around. We came back home and I did a little crafting and crocheting. Caught up on my TV shows and such. But after all of that, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner; I was bored.

I didn’t want to crochet any longer and was waiting for some of my other projects to dry. I was all caught up on TV and had nothing to do. So, I started reading a new book. Well, a book I’ve had but have been putting aside kind of new.

This is exactly why I made goals rather than resolutions because I wanted to feel like I was doing things that I could reach for. If I wouldn’t have banned myself from the computer for a day; I wouldn’t have picked up a book. See what I’m saying?

Now, I still can’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed keeping my phone at a distance but it did open my eyes to little things I’m missing. I picked it up a few times but quickly clenched my jaw and set it back down. I found myself being more engaged in conversation with my boyfriend and when I saw something cool on the street or the store I marveled at it instead of snapping a picture, uploading to Insta and moving on.
To anyone reading this, what are you going to challenge yourself to do or not do this week? Whatever you try or don’t try; good luck. You’ll need it!