Write It Out.


Since the new year started, I’ve seen a few new blogs pop up on my various social network news feeds. They are all very inspirational. The ironic thing is; although all of us are doing our own thing – we all seem to have a common ground. And that is: expressing ourselves in a way that we haven’t before. Something was missing and that was explanation, interpretation, and most of all our voices in the written form. I don’t know about anyone else but I find it easiest to express myself in any emotion through writing it out. Sure I’m fully capable of declaring my emotions in any which way physically and vocally but actually digging a little deeper and getting my voice heard only happens through writing. The unfortunate thing is that we never really know who is listening to it when presenting it on a public forum like this. I’m sure people all over the world see our open book and pass their own judgements just like I myself do. But the people that we actually want to see and read and understand seem to have no idea that these parts of our lives exist. To each their own I guess, we can’t make anyone do anything.