What Did We Do Before Smartphones?

That’s easy. We lived a little more and cared a little less. We might not have appreciated the finer things but looking back, I wish we would have.

So I know that one of my goals was to blog every day and I have been except for yesterday. On Saturday, I saw that two different people were taking a hiatus from social media for an entire month. Holy shit, right? An entire month! I don’t know if I’m mentally able to do that quite yet but I thought it’d be interesting to stay disconnected for one day and I did.

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be but sadly it wasn’t easy. My boyfriend and I went and did a few things around town and I kept busy. I window shopped and walked around. We came back home and I did a little crafting and crocheting. Caught up on my TV shows and such. But after all of that, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner; I was bored.

I didn’t want to crochet any longer and was waiting for some of my other projects to dry. I was all caught up on TV and had nothing to do. So, I started reading a new book. Well, a book I’ve had but have been putting aside kind of new.

This is exactly why I made goals rather than resolutions because I wanted to feel like I was doing things that I could reach for. If I wouldn’t have banned myself from the computer for a day; I wouldn’t have picked up a book. See what I’m saying?

Now, I still can’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed keeping my phone at a distance but it did open my eyes to little things I’m missing. I picked it up a few times but quickly clenched my jaw and set it back down. I found myself being more engaged in conversation with my boyfriend and when I saw something cool on the street or the store I marveled at it instead of snapping a picture, uploading to Insta and moving on.
To anyone reading this, what are you going to challenge yourself to do or not do this week? Whatever you try or don’t try; good luck. You’ll need it!


IMG_4179 4My day didn’t go as planned as I hoped it’d go. I intended on taking down the Christmas decor, washing three loads of laundry including the bedding, and going grocery shopping. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, none of those things happened. How were they supposed to if I didn’t make a point of completing them? That just means that my “take it easy day” was today rather than tomorrow.

BUT, I did finish my 2nd scarf and surprisingly I’ve had two people ask what it’d cost to make one. Wow, huh!? I was surprised. I mean, yeah, down the road I think it’d be fun to make these and sell them at craft shows but I honestly didn’t think someone would approach me for one. Very cool!

IMG_4208 4

So I’ll be meeting up with someone tomorrow to pick out yarn with my first customer and I’ll get to work on my first commissioned project. I plan on selling it to her pretty cheap just because she was one of the first to ask about it and quite honestly, I haven’t thought of a selling strategy or pricing scale yet. Either way, it’ll feel rewarding to know that someone is wearing something that I made. That I made! Who knows, maybe it’ll be a conversation starter. I could only hope!

So let me ask you, looking at this posts photos and the last, what would you realistically value these types of crocheted scarves at? If you’re like me, I’d prefer to see something with my hands first than make a split second decision but I do feel like these photos accurately show what the product is. The yarn costs about $5 total. Keep in mind that the yarn price varies depending on the type but I ultimately want to come to a universal cost that covers both the product supplies and the labor. Let me know!

A Hook And Yarn.


Even though this was made pre-2014, I still wanted to share since I made some improvements on it tonight. (My “Do-Something” for the day!) I actually finished this in four hours on Sunday night so it wasn’t too long ago. One of my cousins wore one to our family Christmas last weekend and it looked super fun and very cute. This is what actually got my wheels turning on the entire new found hobbies for the new year thing-a-ma-jig. Thanks, Anna!
This was my first shot at crochet since high school. Add another big thanks to the World Wide Web, I was able to quickly re-teach myself the slip knot. I attempted using two different spools of yarn for a thicker look. The only fault in that was that I would have probably benefited by buying a larger hook.

I initially made this as an infinity scarf and wore it to work on Monday. I got quite a few compliments on it but found throughout the day that I had gotten some pieces twisted up which made it kind of a nuisance. So tonight, I undid the connecting area in the back and made it into a thicker scarf rather than the infinity style. I actually prefer this one better and think it turned out pretty sweet considering my first jab at it in seven years!

Scarf number two is in the works! More posts to come.