Year 2: The Hub, Boston.

Well! I’m so excited to finally say this…we’re going to Boston! I think we’re about 89% certain that it’s this year’s destination. Last year, my mom and I embarked on our inaugural mother-daughter vacation. We drove down to Madison and Chicago and then back up and around through Holland, Mackinaw City, Ashland, and Duluth.

It was so much fun and such an amazing experience. Not only did I get to spend quality time with my mom but we did things that neither of us had ever done. And most importantly, we started our journey of traveling. A dream we’ve both dreamt of for so long.


Why Boston?
Well, we decided that now’s a better time than never to fly on an airplane. Something neither of us have ever done. My two reservations for never traveling via flight are my physical size and not knowing the process. One of which is probably a dumb reason. I feel like there are so many restrictions when flying and I never really have all the answers. I’m a super-planner. I need to know everything and when it’s not readily available, I have a mini-panic attack. What can we pack? What can’t we? Is luggage extra? What’s a carry-on? How much is that? What if I don’t fit in the seat? Do I have to buy two seats? What if the seat belt extender still isn’t big enough? Can I have a nail-clipper in my purse? What if my luggage is lost? Ect. Ridiculous, I know. But I’ve never been anywhere. Seriously.

Although last years trip was so worth while and totally amazing, we did do a lot of driving. Like 1800+ miles of driving. We’d be totally up for another long drive but we have been playing around with flying for awhile. It may cost more, transportation wise, but we wouldn’t have to be in a vehicle not experiencing the world for such a long duration.

After asking a few friends questions, doing a little research, and calling a couple of airlines – we decided amongst advice from our peers that a nonstop flight would be best for newbies like us. Fargo and Grand Forks don’t have a lot of destinations to choose from for a summer trip and we really want to go big or go home. So, why not look at MSP? There are a handful of nonstop destinations departing from MSP. One of the reasons we decided on Boston is because realistically, we know our spouses have no desire to ever tour the east coast/New England area. (Yet anyway.)

“Tomorrow’s life is too late. Live today.” -Marcus Valerius Martialis

So, we’re in the very early stages of planning this trip. We’re going to head east early to mid August of this year. Tourist information and travel brochures have been ordered! I’ve reached out to a few more people asking about their experience on sites like Expedia and Trivago. To anyone reading this that has been to Boston and the surrounding area, I’d love to hear what the best things to do are. The must-see’s, the go-to’s. Best modes of transportation, coolest unknowns. Are you overweight? We’d love to hear what your take on sizes, seats, seat belts are when flying. To anyone, what has your experience been with airfare and hotel packages on popular travel sites?

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to start yet another year of sightseeing and living out my dreams!

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Sioux Falls, Waterfalls.

I actually have never taken a spur of the moment trip at any point in my life. Until this past weekend. The last month or so has been pretty busy on the work front for my boyfriend and I so when he finally got word of a weekend off, we were definitely going to make the most of it.


Waterfalls At Falls Park

Our plans originated in the camping version of a weekend getaway. We love being by the water and in nature. Pitching a tent, building a fire, and roasting a few good ol’ marshmallows. Typical Minnesotan summertime pastime, ya know.

But guess what? After a beautiful week of 80 degree weather, it decided it was going to storm. Mreh. Change of plans I guess.

I spent Friday evening Googling some places that we’d never been and would be fun to explore for a day or two which ultimately led me to Sioux Falls. So, Saturday morning we hopped in the Rav and headed south on I-29.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the ride itself because I was driving and Chan isn’t necessarily photographically inclined. But my God, have you been to South Dakota? Actually, I should ask if you’ve been to eastern North Dakota.


Koi Fish & Ducks

I’ll fill you in. Where I live, it’s as flat as a piece of paper on an even level. We have to build our own hills in this area. Not even 2 minutes after crossing the ND/SD border, we saw hills galore. It’s every skiers paradise. (I don’t ski, so this is just a guess.) We were still in agriculture central so the hills were filled with acres upon acres of beautifully landscaped crops and dotted with cows roaming up and down the land. It was actually picture perfect.

The trip to Sioux Falls actually went by quick thanks to the nice scenery. We visited the city zoo which wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be but was still cool. I hadn’t been to a zoo since my 6th grade field trip to Canada so I felt like a kid again exploring the property and seeing the animals.



We also checked out a butterfly and aquamarine house at the local Sertoma park which was also pretty fascinating. The butterflies would land right on us and there were so many different kinds and colors. There was an opportunity to touch a sting ray but I kind of chickened out by that point. Maybe next time.


Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD

The highlight of the trip was Falls Park. I don’t know the history about the park itself but there were these beautiful falls right in the center of the park. If you know anything about me, you know that I love love LOVE waterfalls. We spent a few hours there just lingering around. It was just beautiful. If you ever get a chance, head that way. It’s well worth the trip.

Have you ever taken a spur of the moment weekend trip? Where did you go? What did you do!? I’d love to hear some suggestions within driving distance of Grand Forks!

Snap Ya Fingers, Do Ya Step.

From one female to another – I’d like to share a piece of crucial advise to you. Once it actually clicks, I think you’ll find that the road of life will be so much more worth while.

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

For the first handful of years with my significant other I had always expected this or that but never actually got it. I wasn’t being needy and half of the time didn’t even verbalize what I wanted but for some reason the chemistry in our pink filtered, man crazy fogged brains always expects something or another. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships either, it can really be applied to anything but for the case of this article..well, you know.


It seems so obvious doesn’t it? For our entire lives we’ve been told that men can’t read our minds so we need to be very clear and literal with what we want or need. And even when you are, you still shouldn’t expect anything. Men are a different species all together. Sometimes they’ll tune in and sometimes they’ll be bicycling through the rings of Saturn. We’ll never know. They remember things that have no meaning [to us anyways] but they can’t remember your best friends cousins girlfriends name? I mean come on, right?

Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend lights up my little world of a life that I’m in but I have recently recognized that over the last few years since our meeting that I unrealistically had anticipated things that I let determine if I’d be happy that day or not. Lets end the cycle, ladies. I applaud the women out there that this post doesn’t apply to. The women that have always marched to the beat of their own drum. We look up to you! There are others, myself included, that for some reason had determined my day based on what he was doing or what he was in the mood for. That’s a bunch of bullshit isn’t it?

I’ve never been restricted to do anything, thank the Lord. But I do pity those that are. My partner has always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do but my brain and heart had been in cloud 9 for so long that I forgot how to live my own life. I’d plan to hang out with so and so and expected he’d be up for it but wasn’t. So I bailed. I got my hopes up time and time again. Why didn’t I just do my own thing once in awhile? I can’t rewind time but I can trust in myself to be up for anything at any time. I can never get my hopes up if I count on myself in certain areas of my life.

I encourage anyone that has ever regulated their lives for the sake of someone else to jump out of your comfort zone. Do what you want. Go on and continue to pursue the loving relationship that you’re in but be yourself before you become boring. Explore your own interests and make your own friends. You’ll need these things throughout your life. There’s a pretty high chance that we won’t live the life we want to live if we continue to count on others 100% of the time.

Trust in love and trust in growth but never ever sacrifice the best moments in your life because someone got your hopes up.