Why Bemidji?

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve regularly blogged.  A lot has happened. A lot of “unexpecteds” I suppose you’d say. We’re moving to Bemidji, MN.


I know, I know. Quite the change huh? Grand Forks has it all. A growing young city, a great college reputation, stores galore. It has a pretty decent mall, great eating establishments, excellent coverage of local happenings, you name it. I’m a perfect fit for this town right? An eager, 24 year old? Sure, on paper.

I’ve had more people than I can count say “Why Bemidji?” since they’ve heard the news of our moving. And it’s not the typical “Good for you! What made you choose Bemidji” chatter. It’s more like: “Really, Bemidji? What’s there?” Ugh. I’m sick of it.

I’ve had more people look at me like I’m a moron than take it as it is and accept that maybe I don’t care for the legendary night life in GFunk. I like shopping, sure. But I don’t go regularly enough to where I need it to be the staple of the city I live in. And have you seen the water attraction of the city? The river that splits East from Grand? It’s a milky, polluted brown. I wouldn’t let my imaginary dog go in there.

So, with that being said. I’m moving to Bemidji because I want to. I want to live in a smaller (not so busy) city. I want to live where “lake life” is a day to day lifestyle not just a weekend getaway in the summer. I want to live where the tourists flock (because I am a tourist). I want to live in Minnesota again. I want the home-town feel instead of the Canadian invasion whenever I go uptown. I want to find my “home” and I can’t do that in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

I hope that’s good enough reason for those of you who don’t get it.

And who knows, maybe Bemidji won’t be my final resting place. Maybe I’ll want something more. Maybe I’ll regret it. Maybe I’ll miss GF. Maybe I’ll want to run away to New York or duck down in the woods where no one can reach me. Maybe I’ll want to live where Judy Garland grew up or where I can see Lake Superior out of my window.

I have time to figure it out. Some people don’t get it and some people do. I’ve just learned from this dramatic change to be more accepting of peoples choices regardless of what I think. We all have a reason for the things we do and even if we haven’t verbalized why to you; it’s in your best interest to respect each my decision even if you don’t get it.

Meet Raven.

I’d been casually looking at vehicles for the last few months. I had negotiated prices a few times and was this close to purchasing at least three times. But something always got the best of me, my conscience. Fast-forward another couple of weeks when I got the “I want to trade-in my vehicle” bug again; I started looking around for the zillionth time. I’ll cut this story short and just jump ahead to the exciting part. I decided on a 2014 Toyota RAV-4 and… I. Love. It!

With that being said; meet Raven. (Name coined by my one and only S.O.)

I was able to rid my negative equity with my sweet negotiation skills (I like to think that’s what helped me anyway), put a minimal amount down, and drove home with my color of choice.

About 2 years ago, I totaled a car that I’d had since high school in what I consider a freak accident. My dad was able to loan me his truck after my wreck but it really blew having to fill it up and rely on someone else’s vehicle to get around so last time I car shopped, I did it quickly. Ultimately, I ended up with a vehicle that I didn’t love. Through hard work and determination, I was able to change a situation that I didn’t like.