May You Live In Peace.

I want to post and finally have a few minutes to do so but I just don’t know what to say or to write about. Talk about a bummer.

I’ve recently started doing something brand new in my life. Actually, this kick-started on Saturday and began yesterday but now isn’t the time for me to discuss it. I’ll wait it out a bit to see if all engines are running smoothly.

Oh, we’re going back to the beautiful eastern shoreline of Minnesota. We haven’t decided when yet but an opportunity arose for us to jump on it. I’m thinking late July or sometime in August.

I’ve made a couple personal goals for the summer and so far they are going great. The last two summers haven’t been filled with much fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone out and about but in comparison to summers past; I didn’t get to see the lake or enjoy the summer air much at all. This summer is proving to make up for it. Both sadly and happily, this summer we’ve already done more and have more planned then the last couple so that’s a thrill. Every weekend since mid-May has been something to look forward to. The biggest downfall of a fun weekend? The housework gets put aside. Looks like I’ll have to make more of an effort during the week.

A few more summertime goals include reading, grilling, smiling more and get some of that good ol’ vitamin C. Thankfully this year we have a balcony so all four checks are easily obtainable.

Guess I had something to chit chat about after all. Until next time: Read a book. It’ll do you no harm.