6th Day Of Christmas: Holiday Treats

Easy peasy recipe time! Tomorrow my brother is hosting Christmas in Fargo. One of the things I was asked to bring was dessert. Well actually truffles, but I thought I’d try something different that took less time since I’ve been so busy this week. I remembered a super delicious treat that an old co-worker brought at a potluck back in Grand Forks and I thought it’d be the perfect time to try it out!

I made two variations of pretzel candies. One for a salt lover and one for a chocolate lover. Don’t worry, they both contain salt AND chocolate. Christmas must haves right?

Prep Time: 10 Minutes               Cook Time: 2-3 Minutes               Cool Down: 15 Minutes




Hug-M’s Pretzels
HUGS Kisses

Turtle Pretzels



1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Unwrap all the candies. (This is the “hardest” part 🙂 )
3. On a regular cookie or pizza sheet, lay down a piece of wax paper
4. Put as many pretzels as you can fit on the sheet. Make sure they are all whole (not broken) and don’t overlap.
5. Place a HUG or ROLO in the center of each pretzel and then carefully put the cookie sheet of pretzels and candies into the oven.
6. Depending on which candy you’re using, set your timer.
For HUGS: 2 Minutes
For ROLOS: 3 Minutes
7. Once they are semi melted, pull out of the oven and top with either M&M’s or cashews. (M&M’s for the HUGS and cashews for the ROLOS)
8. Put in the fridge for about 15 minutes to cool.
9. Every cook deserves the first bite – Enjoy!
Repeat as needed depending on how many batches you want to make.

The 45th Day Of The Year.

I’m a little behind on the Valentine’s Day buzz but I figured it’d still be worth it to post. I’ve actually been noticing that I think of perfect blog ideas when I’m most busy which undoubtedly leads me to forgetting about it until later. In this case, five days later.


Up to the days leading to the big VD, I found myself getting into a frenzy making sure to “remind” my boyfriend of the day and it’s importance. I also (like a psycho) looked at engagement rings on all the big sites and through the stores around town. WHY do I do that to myself? Of course, I dream of romance and would love a ring on my finger…someday. But what is it about the pink heart filled month that steers me right into the cliche of February the 14th?

I guess it’s society’s fault. Some females would rather an engagement happen spontaneously on some random day but I’m a little old fashioned and have always dreamt of a man on his knee a month an a half into the New Year. I’ll probably always dream of it and fantasize every year and it’ll probably never happen but that’s life right?


Whenever it does happen I’ll obviously be more than thrilled but it almost irritates me that somehow, somewhere along the way the thought of Valentine’s day leads to so many unrealistic expectations of the men (or women) in our lives.

And flowers! Don’t even get me started on flowers. Every year I tell myself that: 1. I’m not getting flowers. Channing isn’t the “flower” type. And…2. What a waste of money. Why spend $40-$100 on something that is going to die in a matter of days. Well, I guess they could last two weeks if you pop some little blue pills into it’s water (which actually is a fact, thank you Discovery Channel) but who has those lying around? Definitely not a 27 year old. Dun dun dun!

I should add that I had a lovely Valentines evening. We went to dinner at our favorite pizza joint in town and grabbed a movie afterwards. Even though I didn’t “get” a ring or flowers, I was still adorned and gave lots of hugs, kisses, and ‘I love yous.’ That’s what matters most.

Happy 4 days later, everyone!