Day 1: What about a bog? Say that 3 times fast.

Operation world traveler wannabe to will be is about to begin! Some of you may or may not know that I have a binder full of our to-do’s while on vacation. I’m an ultra-planner by nature and my mom, not so much.

Our first trip was planned out to a T. It eased my stress to know what we were going to do when but it did have downfalls, of course. Being so attached to my “plan” made it difficult to stray from it and there were a couple of activities or days where we would have loved and preferred to stay awhile longer.

Trip two, I tried to be a bit more loose with our plans. I still had our time away organized as shit but I had a lot more “ehh, we can decide when we get there” pockets and days. This trip made me a lot more of a stress ball and I feel like we had wasted time that we could have used a bit more wisely had I made some decisions ahead of time.

Present day, I’m trusting in the motto “third times a charm.” Our days are planned out via day trips around the Emerald Isle and Scotland and our evenings are free for adventure and spontaneity.

Before we left for Minneapolis, we met up with Bodhi’s godparents, Nick and Katie to go over my helicopter cat-mom of a list and visit a bit. They’ll be taking care of Lil’ Boat and my apartment while I’m away. (THANK YOU!) Then, funny enough, my dad was also in town so we all hit up Qdoba (otherwise known as Kubota, thanks to Dad) for lunch before leaving.

We stopped in Albert(s)ville for a minute or 30, Wiki’d all the different types and true definitions of bodies of water, stopped at Minnehaha Falls for a break from the humidity and ended the night walking on the very dimly lit Stone Arch Bridge.

‘Twas a great first day to the start of our vaca. Even if Mom compared the heat to St. Louis!

The Seahawks Won.

I’m sitting in the living room filled with the hoo-rahs of the Super Bowl on the turned up sound bar. Channing’s been talking to the TV for hours and I have just surrounded myself in a little bubble. I typed up my previous post a couple days ago, edited it and posted it today. So this one might be a little off from the other. It is what it is though.


Anyways, sitting here, semi-listening to what Channing’s been blabbing about in football speak for some reason is calming. He’s such a goof sometimes but he really does complete me. I know it sounds cheesy but until you find that in life you probably don’t have any idea what I mean. We sometimes drive each other nuts but it’d be difficult to imagine my life without him.

Last weekend, I summarized my week of events. This week nothing too exciting actually happened. I was busier than I usually am on the work front so most anything that I accomplished was talking about my future, our future, with each other. My other half has made some pretty big strides in the last seven days and has been offered a great opportunity. It’s still a work in progress but things are finally looking up for him after a long stressful two years of constant let downs.

Happy February everyone!