If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All.

Can you be both opinionated and nice? I mean if your opinions really drastically differ from someone else’s? That’s a tough one. Courtesy of the bountiful world we live in, everyone at some point or another develops opinions on a variety of topics. They can range from a spearheaded political standpoint to which make and model is the best vehicle to drive. Some mean more to you than the next.

Is there a way to levy out your true feelings about one topic or another and still be perceived as the kind soul that you know you are without sacrificing your own personal opinions and beliefs? I suppose if you keep your mouth shut at all costs and just decide to be a human form of Switzerland, sure. But what if you have something to say? Usually a differing opinion causes often unwanted attention, well for me anyways. I believe and hold true to quite a few things. I know when to speak up and when to keep quiet but what about the moments when you’re just in casual conversation and something pops out? It doesn’t seem like much until you hear the other persons point of view, which I respect by the way.

Maybe that’s the key. Maybe having the ability to respect another opinion is the only key to being both kind and opinionated. I’m sure each person feels differently depending on the situation but I personally, never seek out to hurt someones feelings or viewpoints. Of course each side usually offers up their own explanation trying to help another side understand where they are coming from and I think it’s important to listen to what they say weather or not you agree or not but it often causes an uncomfortable tension.

I have a few stances in which I will never budge from no matter what anyone will tell me. Some of them are argue-worthy and some are not. Some are just “nope, that’s not how I think, sorry.”

So what do you think? Have your opinions ever resulted in a lost friendship or an unwanted grudge? Are you open to hearing their side of the story or is it your way or the highway? Let’s here it!

Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak.

Lately I’ve been feeling conflicted when it comes to my blog and the guts of it. I find myself carefully constructing these posts only to either draft 50% of them or choose who I publicly share it with out of the fear of who is reading it. Quite frankly, I don’t care who reads it. I like the feedback whether positive or negative. I want strangers, friends, other bloggers, family, ect to hear what I have to say but than on the other side of equal balance and importance are my coworkers.

Although we’re all entitled to an opinion and I am very stubborn in that way of thinking; I don’t want to offend the wrong person. This, meaning someone I work with. I don’t want something that I say or believe to be taken the wrong way or even simply be wrong in their eyes and than I pay for it on the professional front even though this is my personal blog. But, given the world we live in; our personal space needs to abide by our professional lives rules and regulations.

I suppose I have a few options:
1. I can make my blog private but than what’s the point? I write because I want to be read.
2. Stop sharing my blog on Facebook. Currently, I will share it here and there but not always. And when I do, I usually share to everyone except specific people. You know what I mean? But that gets so annoying and Facebook is really the only place that I can share it to friends and family.
3. Make my Twitter private, thus eliminating any wandering eyes looking for some kind of twisted revenge.

All are just plain ol’ first world problematic pains in my butt. I haven’t decided yet what to do but what I know for sure is that I want to write whatever, however, and whenever I want without the fear of it interfering with my professional life. Now, I really haven’t done or said anything that would cause this kind of uproar but that’s what I’m trying to prevent because I know perfectly good, hardworking people that have gotten fired or been prevented from getting jobs due to something or another on social media. Where does that leave the blogger in all if us?

I guess the people that really make a dinosaurs footprint in the history of our world are the ones who don’t give a shit. That just roll with the punches, march to the beat of their own drum, ect. Thinking about this, the people that I look up to most are daring. They’ve been knocked down, rejected, and thrown shit-filled curve balls but they are the ones I admire.

So here’s to taking my own stand, pushing through the hurdles, proving people wrong and myself right. Sell the sizzle not the steak right?

Spread Your Wings. Prove People Wrong. Succeed.

I was debating on weather or not I’d make a post about the State Of The Union address that the President gave tonight. I’m not going to touch on everything because I really don’t care about everything. First and foremost, I’ve decided to steer clear of the war, terrorism, and military subjects because I don’t have a very popular opinion on any of them and really don’t want to deal with hate comments by pro-war warriors. Give it up already.

I guess the most relevant topics in my immediate world around me would be equal pay, unemployment, and minimum wage. I want to stop you here if you are looking to bash people that have differing opinions other than yours. I went out of my way to NOT post about the topics that I feel I’m uneducated on because I don’t want to put myself out there looking like a fool, so please go to the next blog if you are unable to read another persons viewpoint.

It’s everywhere. If you have even the smallest of social circles, you probably know someone that currently is or has been unemployed. The reasons are about as colorful as the rainbow but the abuse of unemployment is the real reason our country has such an issue with it. There are plenty of people that don’t need to be unemployed. I’ve come across people in my adult life that are unemployed for what I think are ridiculous reasons. Anxiety? Really? Or how about the mother of four that can’t afford daycare? Did you think about daycare before you popped those babies out? Probably not. Go ahead, be a mother, more power to you but be responsible about it. Please don’t make me pay for your diapers and milk because you couldn’t keep your legs shut.

There are so many variables in every situation, I get that and I just used one unemployment “reason” for an example, there are many. And there are also many families that have children and actually have fallen into bad times. Okay, that’s fine. That’s what unemployment is here for. But if you got laid off three months ago and are living off of unemployment than I don’t have an ounce of empathy for you. None. Zilch. Zero. Get a job. You might not get on another hot shot construction or welding gig but McDonalds is hiring. Sure, it’s a smack in the face but those are the cards you were dealt. Play them, you never know when you’ll get the winning hand.

Equal Pay.
I just want to touch on this briefly. I agree, women  should receive equal pay. I’m a woman, of course I support it. But lets see the change. Just because the President says that women should be equal and not be faulted for taking care of a sick child or needing a day off doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Where’s the change going to be implemented? When? And besides, how are we (women) going to even know when the time comes? In the year 2014, wage is so secretive in the workplace. It’s borderline unethical to talk about what you make in the office.

Minimum Wage.
Oh, minimum wage! My biggest argument for this is “why?” Why should some lady at Dairy Queen make more than or equal to what my boyfriend, a certified mechanic, makes? I think our bigger concern is where minimum wage should be implemented. Minimum wage is acceptable in entry level jobs – fast food restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, ect. How about creating a secondary minimum for actual jobs that people either need an education or skill set to even acquire? A mechanic with an Automotive Technology degree shouldn’t be making $10 an hour, they should be starting at nearly double but it’s okay for a kid in the back of a kitchen to flip a burger and get (not earn) $10? Yeah right. How about a supervisor of a certified daycare facility? Is $9.00 an hour acceptable for someone who is responsible for the life of your child 8+ hours a day? I don’t think so. I agree, the wages in our country in many professions are low but I don’t think “minimum wage” is the solution. Minimum wage refers to entry level jobs. It’s the place where we start, it’s the place we want to better ourselves from. Build our way up, earn a better living.

If by the off chance that minimum wage does go up that doesn’t ensure that the rest of us will get a raise for our “hard” work. It means that a couple million people are going to get a pat on the back for doing nothing. Do something about it people, if you don’t like where you’re at and what you’re making than change it. If you can’t change it than accept it.

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Before I end here, I do want to clarify that I did contently vote for President Obama. My intention isn’t to spew hate or disapproval in his Presidency. He’s done many great things for our country and is continuing to do so. I applaud him for his leadership. I’ve had the same opinions on the above topics for years, even before I really gave a shit about politics. Just as I have for the topics I chose not to discuss. Accept it or don’t, we are all entitled to opinions. I plan to respect yours and you should mine.

I’m fortunate enough that I was raised to always continue to do better. I can’t even wrap my head around the grown adults who refuse to try a little harder and strive for something bigger and better. You’re not going to get anywhere by sitting in one spot. Spread your wings. Prove people wrong. Succeed.