Somethin’ About Nothin’.

Another sprained ankle? What a way to start the day, huh. Everyone has a weak something. Sometimes it’s a knee or even their backbone but mine is my ankles. I’ve had issues with them ever since I fractured both within one basketball season way back in 6th grade. Ever since, if I ever trip, slip, bump, or fall; it’s my ankle that pays the price. Way to go, Ori. Way. To. Go.

On another note, I’ve been putting it off but last night I finally ordered a new shipment of Shakeology. I ordered some quite some time ago and finally finished it after the usual off and on struggle with being motivated enough to get healthy or not. As I struggled for a long time to maintain a steady routine; I haven’t necessarily noticed any weight loss. Which, at this point is okay because I need to work on it for more than a couple weeks at a time.

Regardless, my primary reason for re-ordering wasn’t for the added bonus of weight loss when paired with exercise. It was because it makes me feel good. The nutrients in the formula give me more energy than any bad for you can of Mountain Dew.

Another couple of fantastic things happened all within one day. Both my boyfriend and youngest brother got word of new jobs in their very near future. Congrats to them both!!

So what’s new in your life blogosphere peeps? I hate when people say “peeps” especially out loud. Stop.